When tragedy strikes the Last family the understated, cold reactions of both Tony and Brenda are so selfish it reveals their truest nature. Waugh not only turns his vengeful, bitter words against his ex-wife, and her lover John Heygate , but his satirises his own lack of knowledge about their affair. They’re the people we’re told we should strive to emulate. Apr 12, David rated it really liked it. He sets out to show like Dash Hammett does in ‘Maltese Falcon’ how modern people–after any kind of shock or disturbance–always tend to come back around to the same lives they’re used to. Published in , A Handful of Dust is a satirical novel that offers a social perspective of life among the upper classes in England in the early twentieth century. Talk about bleak satire and cynicism!

The ever so clever Evelyn Waugh. Fireflies in the Garden 2Cloggies 10 years ago. Brenda tells Tony she is taking economic classes. And if you’re Last, you’ll be First. Apr 01, Paul rated it it was ok Shelves: Just another novel about middle-aged people having affairs. Two friends whose taste I particularly trust have rated it 5 stars – and so have a whole bunch of other people. In general, I don’t find cuckolding stimulating.

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A Handful of Dust Brenda and Beaver 4uvirla 11 years ago. Brenda meets Beaver for the first time and is attracted to him. The perfection of this novel lays only in its title, for a handful of dust is the exact description of the reading experience it provides and to some extent, its content.

Brenda is now unfettered and can chase the romance she hungers for; and Tony is free to concentrate on his fabulous house. His wife Brenda rather glibly and carelessly carries on with an undesirable man named John Beaver, who is not particularly kind, interesting, or attractive. I will read this one again and read some more Waugh. A Handful of Dust – more ritlrno from Waugh 40 33 Sep 03, briceshead This, formerly one of the notable houses of the county, was entirely rebuilt in in the Gothic style and is now devoid of interest.

I think it’s a little of both until towards the end of the book a woman wants a divorce so her husband basically hires a woman to spend a weekend with him so that he can be blamed for infidelity while the wife is the one who had been having an affair.


It was during this time that he converted to Catholicism. The plot is limited and there is a cast of supporting characters who have varying degrees of eccentricity. Brideshead Revisited -Full Movie- hani handayani Year ago. Adulterous behavior describes the entire content of the first half of the book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I thought Brenda was a fantastic representation of the shallow nature of gentrified persons.

All the control they wished for is theirs. They play bridge with other genteel people just like them; they raise children; they observe hols; and they always pay their parking fines promptly. Family party and Brideshead Revisited trailer thoughts. Open Preview See a Problem? As for me, as I grow old, I have fewer illusions – and am glad of it. England is between two World Wars, and when tragedy strikes a family in the form of a death, no one seems very upset.

I’ve been to Sheppey in day-lit hours and there seems to me to be some merit to this theory hide spoiler ]. When tragedy strikes the Last family the understated, cold reactions of both Tony and Brenda are so selfish it reveals their truest nature. They have a son named John Andrew and they live on a wealthy estate called Hetton.

Only, what Waugh does is savage. Two friends whose taste I particularly trust have rated it 5 stars – and so have a whole bunch of other people. Waugh’s reminding us how imperative it is to live authentically.

Tony bit his lip and looked on. What happens next is so beyond belief that I would never think of divulging it. It may just be Waugh’s best ever message to readers–and if so, that is really saying something.

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Mysteries of Lisbon Bridehead Trailer mammons 7 years ago. What Waugh wants to demonstrate is that these people actually have a lot less ‘life-choices’ than we always assume they do. I mean, bridesgead are pretty well crossing Lady MacBeth with Medea in this scene. Often, Penguin footnotes add something over and above bare definition, but not these.

Instead I’m left with the suspicion that they are in part wish fulfilment view spoiler [which reminds me of the story of Thomas Hardy boasting to a male interlocutor that he had been impotent bridesheaad his first marriage. Tuttavia, il riaccendersi della fede di Lord Marchmain cambia la situazione: We are incredibly self-centred creatures, we humans. It sounds innocuous, but in context, it’s one of the most chilling lines I’ve ever read.


Plans are made to gilm convert the interior to a more modern appearance and also add some much needed bathrooms to the house. Why can’t they make their lives work?

Estratto da ” https: Brideshead, Scene Part The introduction perhaps went on a tad too long, with a few repetitions, but Davis has clearly learnt something of style from his subject; it’s the most entertaining academic introduction I’ve ever read; it wasn’t only the quotes that made me wonder, relishing the prospect of the imminent book, “why do I even bother with novels that aren’t Evelyn Waugh?

Recnesione they had left Georgetown there had not been any part of his body that was ever wholly at ease. Jul rutorno, Paul Secor rated it it was ok. The humor did nothing for me.

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Another quoted critic mentions his ” exquisite sense of the ludicrous”. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A Handful of Dust – Evelyn Waugh. They say all the right things at all times. It’s clever that the naive and saintly Tony is bridesheaad recast as the villain of the piece – not just by his wife Brenda, but by most of their friends too.

Lord Marchmain si era convertito dall’anglicanesimo al cattolicesimo per sposare la moglie, ma ha poi abbandonato sia il suo matrimonio sia ritotno sua nuova religione per trasferirsi a Venezia. This was something I have never managed to do with Evelyn Waugh and his books remain for me whipped cream.

In fact, no one in Brenda’s circle of friends and acquaintances seems to understand why Brenda should slither around with Beaver behind Tony’s back, and — more to the point — Brenda herself doesn’t seem entirely able to pinpoint his appeal.

As it is with gossip, it slips away with the change of perspective. Waugh is simply a brilliant writer.