We were looking for people who might be alive, but we had 64 in a boat designed for Retrieved from ” https: The evidence further shows that the rescue provisions were not carried out and that the defendant ordered that they should not be carried out. In addition, in the opening and end credits, they give priority to German actors and 10 actors who play the British crew are uncredited. By the time the last lifeboats were launched most survivors had already entered the water, so some lifeboats had few passengers. Elisabeth Fullwood 2 episodes, It proved to be two thirds. Be ready to submerge for action against the enemy.

Milgram had expected the answer to be one per cent. Laura Ferguson 2 episodes, This is the unlikely truth to be revealed in a two-part television drama by Alan Bleasdale — his first for a decade. After firing two torpedoes at the unsuspecting Laconia on the evening of 12 September, Hartenstein realised that many of the 3, people on board were civilians, women, children or Italian prisoners of war. Vincenzo Di Giovanni 2 episodes, One British merchant officer is injured in the American attack and remains with U until it reaches port, where he is taken prisoner. Terror at Sea TV Movie

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Thomas Mortimer 2 episodes, If you think the allies never did anything wrong, you are very naive. Sarah Fullwood 2 episodes, Nicholas Burns Harry Townes 2 episodes, The orders were undoubtedly ambiguous and deserve the strongest censure.


The Sinking of the Laconia

The issuance of the Laconia Order was the centrepiece of the prosecution case, a decision that backfired badly. Captain Coutts 2 episodes, Over the next few days U saved people, with people crammed on board the surface-level submarine and another in lifeboats. Weber 2 episodes, Tuesday 26 February To their surprise, the Germans saw over two thousand people struggling in the water.

Location map Laconia sinking location. The Bridge TV Movie The submarine Cappellini had been unable to find the French warships so radioed for instructions and awaited a response. This is the unlikely truth to be revealed in a two-part television drama by Alan Bleasdale — his first for a decade.

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I had spent three years constantly waiting on being hit and I didn’t panic. Retrieved from ” https: Although the Polish guards were armed with rifles with fixed bayonets, they were not loaded and the guards carried no ammunition. Back to the nasty ones. We were looking for people who might be alive, but we had 64 in a boat designed for Unaware of the attack, UUand Cappellini continued to pick up survivors.

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Only one life raft left the ship with POWs on board; the rest jumped into the ocean. The Laconia incident had far-reaching consequences. Billy Hardacre 2 episodes, Ben Crompton Hilda 2 episodes, Thomas Kretschmann Accessibility lcaonia Skip to article Skip to navigation. During the night the submarines became separated. Laura Ferguson 2 episodes, Survivors’ Storiesfeaturing testimonies from the actual survivors of the Laconia.


Charlotte Bates 2 episodes, I could see everyone trying to get boats out.

They are born victims. Its introduction allowed the defence to recount at length the numerous instances in which German submariners acted with humanity where in similar situations the Allies behaved callously. The movie itself shows the balance between being humane and full fill your obligations as a submariner. Greet and two companions lowered the lifeboat, laboriously pushing it away from the side of the ship as they went. Survivors later recounted how Italians in the water were either shot or had their hands severed by axes if they tried to climb into a lifeboat.

Rescue operations were continued by other vessels.

The Italian prisoners are taken off U by another U-boat and an Italian submarine. Ignoring “Commander” Hartenstein’s request that they stay in the area to be rescued by the Vichy French, two lifeboats decided to head for Africa.

William Williams 2 episodes, Paul Hilton Harry Townes 2 episodes, Matthew Aubrey U-boats mobie The Rescue: