I must’ve missed that Yi Gak returns to the rooftop penthouse to pick up one of his key bits of evidence: Linda March 21, at 8: Meta [Happily never after] Maybe She looks momentarily hopeful, but then hurt again: Altari April 26, at

Park-ha arrives at his funeral parlor, just days late. Remember his comment about how he’d like to look at his wife’s pretty face everyday? You are commenting using your Twitter account. It prompts more jarred nerves. And show, please spare me the plastic surgery. Anyway, love the first episode.. Try listening to his other track “My Girlfriend” and compare.

Your recap is better than the real episode. Congratulations Yoochun and RTP! This is a dangerous sign โ€” royals are never left unattended โ€” and Yi Gak is alarmed.

To her he was a nice enough guy that help her so she thought to not pay for the damage to Granny’s house, that took care of and paid her Mom’s hospital bill when he accidentally hit her, and found her a job. Thank you so much! It’s a group called ‘Portrait.

Also, he has alot more episodes to go and who knows what the ratings are going to be. If that’s true, eramacrazy the Crown Princess is a sociopath She spends her time embroidering beautiful designs that her sister takes credit for; Hwa-yong preens while Yi Gak heaps her with praise for her silk butterfly.

Please reply to my questions, please!

Our team gathers for a strategy session. A suspected murderer that destroyed her house and is clearly angry at her friend? It’s definitely the dead sexy speaking voice.


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His temper and association with Se Na would have been enough to make me leery of him as well as tell syb that I was meeting him. Did they show Bu-yong after the sister was found dead? God I love him. That drama is doing just the right things all around.

Yong-sool argues like a seasoned warrior, saying that an unwinnable fight is best avoided. I’m guessing that you’ve seen many sageuks. Now the question is what to do with Tae-mu. Nikkita October 31, at 6: I really really fpisode liked the first episode.

She mulls this over, and Hwa-yong laughs prettily about not knowing the answer. When Tae-mu returns to Korea, his girlfriend welcomes him back โ€” Se-na.


It makes a lot of sense to push them back to Joseon a day early or before the murder happened there, so they can correct. Laeah April 26, at 9: If it were me, I wouldn’t pull that veil off. Email required Address never made public.

Totally agree with you on the plot ‘holes’. As for me, it will be a letdown if yi gak and the rest will only wear those joseon costumes again when they have to say goodbye to park ha 5 minutes before the show concludes.

Here i was expecting the confession will be stalled and then wham it happened. So I turn to her and say “You’re so smart! No matter how hot that kiss was, if I’m not really interested with the 2 people kissing, as a viewer, It’s just a MEH for me.


Remember his comment about how he’d like to look at his wife’s pretty face everyday? And maybe it will mean that Bu Yong will finally have her chance with her prince Why does LG have to “tell” her anything when she experienced first hand this man’s brand of crazy??? Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. Oh well, I’ll just have to watch it again subbed The ducklings still talk in Joseon syntax.

There’s a purity and demureness to this kiss like in a fairytale. The ducklings hurry the real Tae-yong out of the hospital and into an ambulance, just in time to avoid being spotted by Tae-mu. I hope the story gets much more juicy from now onwards.

Tae Mu’s shifty eyes just scream bloody murderer! I rather like sageuk Buyong more than her modern counterpart, Park-ha, who is thisclose to getting sjb my nerves.

Rooftop Prince

Even if she didn’t know he’s a murderer, she wouldn’t have gotten in the car after what he did at the rooftop. Romance Is a Bonus Book: So she concedes that after he cut off his hair, he looked a tiny bit handsome.

The kiss is kinda conservative in modern times but maybe that’s considered a passionate ddramacrazy in his time.