Thanks for the recap: That’s what I am thinking too. As long as said fans stay away from my Lee Minho. I wouldn’t worry about the side characters yet. Now the trio is gathered, cleaned up, and dressed in what will become their trademark colors — woot, Voltron complete. The end of this episode sure gave me goosebumps

She came to live at the palace with her sister while both were still young, and would convey interesting stories from the outside world: The boys jerk back and Yong-sool jumps in front of the prince, fending off the enemy with a kick at the TV. Oh, so like a man to just smash things. They enjoy the spectacle of lights, oohing over the firework show, not even seeing that Yi Gak is starting to fade from sight, right where he sits. I don’t understand the point of having him around. Plot wise, I dont think there’s any significance to it. Hope he will have funny stuff to play spicy dialogues, bromance and all. I am starting to believe that the princess commited suicide, who knows, when everything is taken from her then the only way out will be that at least for her.

She mulls this over, and Hwa-yong laughs prettily about not knowing the answer. Ow, my stomach hurts from the laughing.

Hwa-yong is especially crushed, crying angry tears, but agrees to prepare her sister. Risou no Musuko Japanese Drama. Just watched this rooftpo Viki and died laughing. Park-ha wakes up in time to see Se-na watching the truck drive off, with her in it.


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Thanks for the fast recap! Getting from you what the episode is all about only makes me want to see it more! Or maybe it was just the delivery of the lines? I’m totally convinced that the body in the pond is the little sis. Cant wait another week for ep 3! Ikemen Desu Ne Japanese Drama. I like Yoochun, but the rest of the cast I do have to say that so far Park-ha’s character is annoying. Hi Jomo, How was the “going to NY” explained of the little sister?

Like anybody could be.

The end of the episode had such a different tone than the rest of it. The Ultimate Weapon shoots an arrow straight at the camera.

You’re Beautiful Korean Drama.

Rooftop Prince

I think she kimchidrsma sorry for them; they talk crazy, look crazy, they are absolutely sincere, lost, helpless, and they obey her. Raitei March 22, at I hope it keeps that way all through Ep. See how her unni was shooting daggers when she came to solve the riddle.


Whole families were wiped out for less in sageuk tradition.

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Yi Gak insists he saw his princess, aggrieved to have lost her again. I would say Funny 4 haha n yes I love ur recap Javabean, I hope u keep recapping this drama. You find them manageable??

Park-ha gets a call from her stepmother asking her for help with her truck, because Se-na needs some things moved and her arrangements fell through. Pronce hope it’s good! Man-bo busily memorizes the phone book, Yong-soo struggles with Restructuring General Knowledgeand Chi-san… embroiders. Park-ha scoffs in exasperation, like, What did I do to deserve this pain in the ass? And the curiosity about how the whole North and South Korea coming together were going to be handled?

Trying to tie off these loose ends is going to be interesting to watch I was going to watch this drama no matter what, so this is just icing on my Chunnie cake. Episode 6 by Helcat.