Masque reviews A masque ball reveals more for a Knight, a Prince and a noble. Defining the Indefinable by Kitomi reviews When Togusa is terminally wounded on a mission, he is forced to undergo a full cybertransformation. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world’s most active online anime and manga community and database. New Links Reuploaded Read 7. Just how far would you go to defend what is yours? Cancelled T-T Goods Info:

Ed starts realising that maybe something is missing. Check out Gakuen Heaven: I am forced to stay here, for the sins I have commited. This is the story that took place seven years before the final epilogue in Truth. I love this ship so this is amazing for me so many feels. It’s a delightful bit of BL fluff, and everyone I know who’s seen it adores it.

Here you can find. Es folgten weitere Spiele, ein Manga und ein Flkck. Substitute by Lerafea2 reviews Trying to forget his recent heartbreak, Ryoma finds himself distracted during training. Fullmetal Alchemist – Rated: But when danger approaches Konoha, Iruka must elicit past teachings and wield them to protect those closest to him.

Hamu Hamu Heaven – Especial de la serie anime. Purely determined, the spy must swallow her pride and pain to become a Natural slave.

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YAOI BLCD – Oniisama ga sekai de ichiban _ Mitsumu + Hiromu x Ritsu

Yandere Heaven vol I thought the title said ” Slam Thick ” so Flico continued the song ” with your cute ass “. I love this ship so this is amazing for me so many feels. Sejauh ini ada 5 CD drama yang telah dirilis.


Renegade by Isolde1 reviews As his lover finds himself caught in a whirlwind of political intrigue that leads Konoha to the brink of war, former Hunter Iruka must risk everything to protect what he holds dear. Ageha Yoshina in “Psyren” Vomic Japanese.

He is broken now and now he suffers. The Judge by May it be reviews Very old, and very poor quality. Or having my friends just ignore me for no good reason and just bleh never show up online just to signal to me that they are alive. Skih it’s the Roy or the really cute Ed?

Joinedid: Hunter by Isolde1 reviews The way of the ninja is shrouded in shadows and mysteries. The series premiered on Toku in the United States.

Repeat [RoyEd CD Drama] Blue Flame 1/4 by Lieiia – You2Repeat

All Beta’d Power Rangers – Rated: I mean, I know that there are drama cds for offical manga which use the anime seiyuu, but what is this? This one is set during Ishbal.

Sol x Ky slash] Ky and Sol fall into a ravine and are forced to travel together to get out.

Passionate Decisions by Born of Avalon reviews Srama is separated from Rune, takes a human body, and says he’ll join the Dragon Tribe in their fight against Nadil.

Dinner and Dates by Mage reviews Cagalli has to marry by the age of 24 to rule Orb. Ghost In The Shell Dark Entity by BehindInfinity reviews During a rescue operation to save hostages from a group of terrorists, Togusa is captured, unaware by the rest of Section 9 until it was too late. Devil May Cry – Rated: Each Part is a different Ficlet! Xd to this while talking on the phone.


Yaoi Roy X Edward – Concha Vacía Español on [8eCpi7gtlzI] – Free music player

Lord of the Rings – Rated: Female that wants a dick I already lack the breasts! All the people forgot FullMetal but he, the Flame. I think I am a pervert watching this. His identity has changed his friends and family feelings for him or has it?

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Selain CD drama yang pertama, seluruh pengisi suara utama untuk semua produk dalam franchise ini selalu sama didasarkan pada pengisi suara di permainan PlayStation2. Idk if watching this makes us all perverted or if it makes us all crazy fangirls.

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