Does she really prefer to be on guest team? I love it how the stickler about the rules is now reminded by Mr. So I went on to watch two days later with subbed and I found that it was not that rude. Thanks to her tall height, Hyo-joo fluidly jumps with ease and ends up winning the round. Each team earns something to cut their ingredients with and hey, is that a machine that juliennes the veggies for you? I never thought I would be so interested in cabbage before:

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It appears the Yellow Team has the biggest disadvantage without a recipe to fall back on. He did snatched it though but it wasn’t the rude way. It’s nice to see RM-only team that won.


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But then the Yellow Team gets two more votes, keeping them in the running. So often when you split teams like they did in this episode, jihyo, sukjin, and kwangsoo seem to always lose and the show tends to be unbalanced in runnng screentime of each person, both cast and guests. Like the Statue of David? It time to make some kimchi at their final mission location and some of the members comment that the setting is eerily similar to a little show called Family Outing.

My fav game was always all-out hide-and-seek, but I eeng the cabbage game tops it.

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The Purple Team rushes in first but they return well outside the time limit. Users will not be sent unsolicited emails epdrxma other parties, although those using “disposable email addresses” such as “trashmail.

Just shake it up. Gwang Soo’s Almost Paradise moment was too hilarious!!! With a kimchi recipe on the line, one of the team members will get a lovely perm whilst their teammates completes the mission. Haha I loved Hyojoo! The ‘random team’ mam so faked; the outcome is exactly what PDs would choose. Lilian December 17, at 7: They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. Haha and Kwang-soo sit down to join her.


Their team even won in the end. Who knew that making kimchi would be this much work? Rynning you just stole from Gary five minutes ago.

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Disclaimer Videos found on this website are not hosted or uploaded by KShowOnline nor is Eepisode affiliated with the video content in any way. As Hyo-joo fumes in disbelief, the other boys kick and eunning Haha for treating their guest and a woman that way. I think this was able to happen because of the closeness between the cast members. While the teams run back outside for Round 2, the three cast members chat it up like ajummas in a hair salon.

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Kwang-soo’s Almost Paradise moment had me laughing and cringing at the same time. But then I’ve been making it since I was young Haha scolds his teammates, pointing to his perm.