The enumerated in point 5 objectives of the organization are realized by: Le CQPV dispense de plus des formations professionnelles relatives aux arts traditionnels. November marked the beginning of a five-year project: In October , the Public Union has started the execution of a project named: Aigine sees promoting diversity to be a key component of preserving epic heritage. Primarily it is necessary to conduct a general survey to understand the present situation of intangible cultural heritage in Indonesia, and to plan a strategy of protecting the most endangered species. The CCCC was created in and its main purposes, as stablished in its by-laws, are:

Sensitization of the intellectual class in Africa on the issues that border on African intellectual property and folklore; 5. Local elderly women are responsible for adjudication of this project. Members of the association have competence and expertise with regard to the intangible cultural heritage as they are mainly traditional zampogna makers and players, other traditional instruments makers and players, dancers, ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, musicians and scholars, besides being all members of the various communities present in the Pollino area, including Arbresh representatives. In this area as in many other parts of Italy, playing the zampogna, dancing, singing, is part of every day, it is done when returning home after working in the fields, or else, as a means of being together and sharing among the members of the community its cultural tradition and also a way to reconfirm the community among its members. Performed according to the traditional executive techniques and staging codes; cunti, which are serialized stories publicly related by wandering storytellers and concerning chivalric epics stemmed from the ancient French Chansons de geste; concerts of folk songs; seminars about the Opera dei pupi and Unesco masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity held in Palermo. The cultural and pedagogical Association Ponte The Carpetmakers’ Union plays the main role of creating intangible cultural variety of the local communities, groups and various persons.

The purpose of the Azerbaijani Carpetmakers’ Union is the safeguarding of the Azerbaijani national carpetmaking and handicrafts, their development and popularization in the world. AIHC also has a craft shop where locals deposit their artefacts which are sold to visitors. MusicaEuropa epsode a non-profit association operating in the fields of arts and education and implementing intenational projects to promote music as a tool for intercultural dialogue.

Thus, it is established as a multidisciplinary group working together on different projects of research and enhancement of the cultural aspects of festival. Since its foundation joined the Association several zampogna makers and players that, femem as group and individuals, are those who traditionally create, maintain and transmit this kind of heritage.

Awards The Public Union took part in a book festival on 28 May Among the numerous activities of the Association: Botanical Garden – The botanical section of AIHC has various indigenous tree 662-2 supplied by members of the local femne. Storytelling is a performing art, we do plenty storytelling from stages, at theathers and festivals.

The peisode focus of the activities of MusicaEuropa are music and arts for professionally targeted musicians, but also as a formative artistic activity of fundamental importance for a better development of modern society.


The spirituality of the paintings and the shrine is interpreted thus raising awareness on local traditional religion. In fact, during the annual Festival di Morgana, the Association often invites companies from abroad, which perform or hold workshops in Palermo, and it has also promoted the production of szcrifice performances mixing traditional practices ex.

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The Public Union has been involved in the following projects and events related to the safeguarding, promotion and transmission of intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. Research – In collaboration with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the CSC carries out research on traditional games inventory, evolution, organisational structure. This means that traditional methods, knowledge and skills, which are basically intangible heritage assets, were being mainstreamed in the program, in a participatory approach involving local communities in the conservation planning and management processes.

Not only does the Association mediates in the relationship between puppeteers and national and international spectators and institutions, but it also creates contacts and cooperation with craftsmen, puppeteers and artists from other countries promoting the cultural and professional exchange between Sicilian traditional artists and foreigners operating in the same field. These three parts have all the same goal, to highlight and safeguard our oral traditions, this is being done by: It has in addition been active in the valorization of the traditional Iiutery for the construction of zampogne a chiave,and other local traditional musical instruments like surduline, ciaramelle, tamburelli, cupa-cupa, fischiett di canna etc.

Meetings with those coordinators are organized frequently and any needed and important information is given to them. Particular attention is given to all the feasts of the local communities and to the participation of the members of the association with special regard to the religious feasts which are an important aggregation and identification moment for all the people living in the Pollino area.

All elements of biocultural heritage that Aigine aims to preserve comprise in themselves intangible cultural elements. Ritual Territory”, “Ritual and Thought” distributed in indigenous schools for culture strengthening. Some Aigine projects contributed to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through exposing positive potential of traditional culture in preventing conflicts in the society and empowering vulnerable social groups e.

Defense and sustenance of episodw natural and customary practices of the indigenous African people under the context of foreign religion and globalization which exterminate the population’s social and economic existence; 4. En tant qu’association sans but lucratif, il poursuit un triple but scientifique: In addition, in order to revive, promote and popularize it, since the opening of the Museum, the Association organized an annual review of the Opera dei pupi and during the year it still schedules Sicilian puppet shows by inviting companies from all over Sicily and involving them in other didactic activities.

In March, has been opened the exhibition of masters on national-applied art was devoted to a holiday of Novruz.


GA – 59 3. Dissemination Project Sant’Antuono Web 2. The World Youth Orchestra gathers young students from 16 to 28 years old, coming from the best music academies, conservatories and universities of the five continents to play music together. Two gazebos at AIHC provide local dance groups with access to free rehearsal space.

Son but est de promouvoir, d’elargir et de maintenir la forme traditionnelle de la culture populaire immaterielle, notamment des activites artistiques, des coutumes et traditions.

To bring together conservation specialists from around the world and serve as a forum for professional dialogue and exchange; To collect, evaluate and diffuse information on conservation principles, techniques and policies; To co-operate with national and international authorities on the establishment of documentation centres specialising in conservation; To work for the adoption and implementation of international conventions on the conservation and enhancement of architectural heritage; To participate in the organisation of training programs for conservation specialists on a world wide scale; To put the expertise of qualified professionals and specialists at the service of the international community.

We work together with the traditional handicraft association to bring forward these stories. Besides, the following national laws were adopted: The epic chanters were directly involved in video-shooting and editing of the final version.

Rede ArteSol is not a sales site.

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Valencian Museum of Ethnology in campaigns for the identification and enhancement of the documentary and cinematographic festivals-related heritage. Dacrifice the festival we host a Nordic youth camp for the next generation of storytellers. On 10th of May, has been opened the exhibition of the Union’s member Mr.

In addition, Teje Teje promoted the creation of the Ette Ennakas Women Weavers Association in which today provides indigenous women with incomes to help support their families.

Development of national and international standards of professional intangible cultural heritage practice in relation to sites and landscapes. Working through traditional leaders, AIHC researches and documents cultural elements in local communities for purposes of developing an inventory of cultural elements residing in the local communities and feed these into national inventory.

Theses activities temme been implemented from to in the suburbs of Rome and we are now trying to implement similar projects in Palestine, together with the Palestinian Minisitries of Education and Cutlure. The members of its International Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage work daily with community custodians and practitioners of ICH specifically around the following: La section a ete fondee pres I’lnstitut de la culture populaire aStraznice qui est I’organisateur d’un Festival folklorique international epjsode renom.

Among large publications of carpet protection for last decade: