Maqsood, the friend par excellence. Abdur Rehman is portrayed as a very strong and wise personality, why is he convinced so easily for a court marriage, I think man like him can try to resolve the issues in a better way. Where did you read this? While the two leading ladies are exceptional, the men are no slackers either. I am truly liking this drama. Sahab pretty unnecessary sequence , I enjoyed the rishta maang-ing scene. The convoluted way the elders play with the emotions of their children, and use their children as pawns to appease the lingering wounds left by their own losses and heartbreaks, redemption or continuation for their own sins.

I wish to give tributes to her. SZ like u spotted out — very unlike the norms in our sub-continent! The back story was like that Inayat mother of khalil was married to Sadiq.. I liked when Amin stepped in and prevented Sheeda from hitting Shano. There is a lot more yet to be revealed. Hands down Rasho was show stealer..

Acting wise, everyone was excellent with a special mention for Mahira with Maulavi Sahab n also d last sceneRashida all excited meeting her sis n behnoi, obviously delighted thinking about their beizzati with the inkaar.

But apart from beefs with her, isnt the story so fab? The scene between Maulvi and Shano was one of the best scenes. Awesome with the reviews! LOl saeqay tanga hit a major pothole. I thought she had 5 and then just the daughter with Abdur Rahman. SZ phew so many theories!


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Another question, who calls her Rasho? And Abdul Rahman was married before to some badsurat aurat before he married Inayat. Maqsood, the friend par excellence. Yes is was quite confused by the whole sordid tale! Notify me sadqqay new comments via email.

Many a girl is disowned for something so serious. That was one sordid back story. Yaar, the problem was not so much with all in one go, but in tems tummharay breaking up the tedium of the scene so as to give the viewers some time to wrap their heads around all tumhaaray developments. Right now, I am hung up on the fact of why: But at the end with your Help I got the point.

In Humera, we have a female version of Dr. The sense is that the men of that family are not to be trusted. Why not break it up?

Mumkin hai she was forcibly married to her thekadar Saab post the scandal by her mom ,who seems like a tough nut, who may have forced her to choose from lean pickings and she thus has ended up with someone far removed from the person of her tumhafay.

The lahore wali khala, the khaloo and most importantly the nani…?? I think d credit here goes as much to d director as his actors.

Mumkin hain she truly is a very selfish self centred woman with malice and 66 in her heart although her kids seem to be pretty sorted. One really had to be sadqaj attentive to understand d whole narrative. Then he also said how death is a happy ending — zinda rehna is quite boring — something along those lines. As for the scene between Shaano n Maulavi sahab, when I was watching this episode n YT last night there were quite a few viewers commenting upon how confused they were with the story Shaano told.


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I think the whole family was probably involved in the coverup. Correct me please Like Like. I wish to give tributes to her. As much as it got to me, brownie points for MK for memorizing the monologue.

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 6 Full HUM TV Drama

See the veteran actor presence for a few minutes makes so much differencehis expressionthe eye and the way he looksno need to use words ,you get the message. In one go and that despite the fact I am not familiar with the various relationships as defined in pak society. I am becoming a huge fan of Rasho, she is a charmingly evil. There is a lot more yet to be revealed. Samiya Mumtaz was the scene stealer for humharay.