But this seascape is not an unpolluted space, for in the distance, industrial ships encroach upon this abyssal sanctuary. Yes, Boo Junfeng seems to have done it again after his last piece, “Tanjong Rhu”, screened at Berlin, another of the big three festivals. Amidst endless congratulatory calls, Junfeng’s made time for our set of burning questions. What were your biggest roadblocks in the scriptwriting process? I got to know him when I collaborated with his band on a project for Youth. The most challenging part was in understanding the structure of a full-length narrative film, both as a writer and as a director.

What kind of themes interest you, that we are likely to see more of in your future movies? I witnessed her memory deteriorating with dementia, how it turned her into a different person during her moments of delirium, and how it affected the dynamics of my family. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I was surprised that the subject matter still remained a taboo to a lot of people. Share this Rating Title: There were 4 points at which this film could have ended, but alas it dragged on and resolutes with a dull thud, by the end. Like me, some of them were also making a full-length feature film for the first time.

But after going through 2 years of life and a cluster-fuck of film school experiences, I am going to give this a positive rating. It’s perhaps an uncanny coincidence that this film had its title being something usually found on sandy beaches, and being the setting to introduce his lead character in Xiang En Joshua Tan.

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Boo Junfeng has cut his teeth with a series of well liked, and obviously well travelled and award winning short films, so it’s only a matter of time before we see him embarking on a feature film project. The endeavour at melding family and coming-of-age drama with serious socio-political critique is ambitious, particularly when it comes to matters as touchy as the historical junfdng and misrepresentation concerning the political left in postwar Singapore.

Any interesting anecdotes to share about the production? Production values are absolutely great, with nicely designed sets and art direction in place to make it all look like the 90s. Audible Download Audio Books.

The look of incomprehension in her eyes interjected by the flickers of quiet knowing makes for a powerful moment in the film. Production values are absolutely great, with nicely designed sets and art direction in place to make it all look like the 90s.


The film is so loaded with issues that it covers virtually all grounds which encompass the postmodern Singapore condition. It was challenging for me also because it was the first time I was writing a full-length feature film.

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The story picks up when En has to stay with his grandparents for 2 weeks during the renovation of his home, while his choir and music teacher mom Elena Chia scoots off for a China vacation with her new beau Wilson played by Samuel Chonga military colonel whom En detests. Thereafter, we went through a month of workshops to get the tone of his performance right. What were your biggest challenges in making this film? The screenplay is ambitious, but struggles under the weight of the different themes.

If you’ve found this year’s commercial releases to be somewhat lacking in depth, then Sandcastle is that film to make you realize that we do have talented filmmakers in our midst with courage to tackle taboo issues in a manner that’s non confrontational, yet set to make you think.

En as Joshua Tan Rest of cast listed alphabetically: I wonder whether he had encountered similar gaffes! Unsurprisingly, both his grandmother and mother appear afflicted by a willed amnesia towards this past and remain reticent.

Copyright – The Online Citizen Yes No Report this. The shoot took 18 days. That is where we focused most of our energy on during rehearsals. Much must also be said about the cinematography by Sharon Loh.

But this is synopeis castle built in the sky. What was his father fighting for? This film is unlikely to displace the viewer in any significant way.

This is the story of the life of the Tan family, where we follow the life and adventures of En, a junior college student who will be enlisting to the army by year’s end. Posted by Stefan S at Elena Chia as En’s mother, Tan Hien Solid performances all around In terms of the performances, it is also the silence which creates the greatest resonance. I can easily identify with En, and I suppose that’s almost the case with many other males out there, as he goes through his teenage life not quite unlike many of us in Singapore.


Thus, he starts learning new things about his missing father. I asked to interview him but he turned me down. A flawed, but promising, debut from Boo. It’s quite surprising that for a young director he had chosen to embark on intensive research about an era during nation building that’s actually not talked much about, being shrouded with a sense of mystery and discussed in careful whispers, where it’s rare for films, the last I recall being Tan Pin Pin’s Invisible City which had a section devoted to, explore the Chinese student protests in the 50s Pin Pin also snags a cameo as a doctor in this film.

I can easily identify with En, and I suppose sandcastls almost the case with many other males out there, as he goes through his teenage life not quite unlike many of us in Singapore.

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But here Boo goes headlong, never one to back down from tackling controversial subjects in our island state from GLBT issues to entrapment, and Sandcastle in some ways does seem like an amalgamation of ideas and little elements from his shorts, from Keluar Baris’ protagonist being just about to enlist in the army, the mother and son relationship in Katong Fugue, shots reminiscent of Bedok Jetty, and a dabble with an historical piece ala The Changi Murals.

But in a country where ideologies are forged on constantly shifting booo, he struggles to stay true to what he knows to be right.

As his family is drawn together in a sudden tragedy, he has to decide what he believes in. Edit Storyline En is a Singaporean student that will soon be enlisted in the army.