Romero classic, it’s effective. Mark of the Devil was really interesting. The wrap around segments start off a little bland but there’s a good twist at the end. A trilogy of three improbable stories of horror and the supernatural are combined into this low budget thriller: Finally, the video tape thieves and one of their girlfriends get attacked by elements of the three videos they stole. Kevin Smith as Shop Owner. Our thieves appear to be American.

Nice throat slashing near the end too. Romero classic, it’s effective. Edit Did You Know? He dismisses what they say, but takes an interest in the money, gold, jewels, and other valuables around the house. They tell him about the fairies that guard the house and the garden gnomes that work for them. If the last segment were a bit stronger, this might be a classic. They go back to one of their girlfriend’s apartment to watch them. Movie Info Three purloined video tapes create all sorts of problems for the two teens who stole them in this horror trilogy that was originally made for television.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Full Cast and Crew. He dismisses what they say, but takes an interest in the money, gold, jewels, and other valuables around the house. It’s quite fun with scdeamtime awesome conclusion. Punch voice Ian Saynor Michael Gordon as Bill. His blatantly asshole-ish step-son and nagging, unsupportive wife don’t share his fondness for the puppets or performing for the children. Gary Linley as Frank. Kudos for that, because I am like a stone while watching “scary” films.


Our thieves appear to be American. Punch and Judy, prognostication, 198 garden gnomes comprise “Screamtime,” a lukewarm horror anthology film from Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Yes No Report this. Most anthology wraparounds either tie into one of the stories somehow like in Tales From The Hood OR has a comic or book or some sort of device for the stories being told.

The three films were shot in England with the connecting device about the video tape thieves shot in New York City. His douchebag step son even burns down his little puppet theatre!

Screamtime – UK/USA, 1983

The second story, “Dreamhouse,” is about a newlywed couple who move into a haunted house. But the fairies and garden gnomes really are alive and attack the intruders.

Search for ” Screamtime ” on Amazon. Pretty solid horror anthology that was exactly entertaining enough. The third movie gets sceamtime little spooky in the dark house; tiny floating lights fly by the camera unseen by the burglars, a room is suddenly full of garden gnomes, etc.

Nice throat slashing near the end too.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. We are with a pair of thieves who steal some horror video tapes. Before settling down to watch them we are treated to very gratuitous female nudity.

Johnathon Morris as Damien. There are no featured reviews for Screamtime at this time. He recounts his random selection of victims and his traveling companions, his friend and friend’s B-movie charms abound but can’t elevate the experience above standard and almost thrill-free horror cheese.


Horror Movie A Day: Screamtime ()

If the last segment were a bit stronger, this might be a classic. Robin Bailey as Jack Grimshaw. The three films consist of this. Long Synopsis An unholy trinity of terror, three times the horror, three times the murders.

A really interesting moviie house-type tale with some good scares. Way to go out on a high note, csreamtime. Horror anthologies I’ve seen with the top 25 highlighted. Veronica Doran as Miss Burns. Michael Armstrong Stanley A. Compilation of three short horror films: She even hires a medium to give the house a look, a woman who routinely talks to ghosts, and even she claims the woman is crazy. The second video is about a married couple moving into a new house.

But the stories themselves, while not without some goofiness, are 70s-esque atmospheric tales, the sort of stuff that populated Dead Of Night.

Kevin Smith as Shop Owner. Going over to girl Marie played by Marie Scinto who is preparing for a date.