Takes place during No. Help improve our database by adding background information here. It was probably thanks to how it was carried on. How ’bout on a diving board? I would give it a perfect score! Will Yuu get an uke or stay single forever!

The Chocolate with Aphrodisiac by misukiya reviews why did Ayase feel horny? For now Sora was stuck in an enchanted palace with a cursed Beast. Instead, it has the potential to bloom into something even stronger However he runs into many problems with the mangaka’s artistic liberties Silence is Thy Friend by Tricia-chan reviews When a flu outbreak afflicts most of Marukawa Publishing, Ritsu finds himself saddled with finishing the edits for a certain book. Normal scenes environment SFX,etc.

Hey Class President! 【DRAMA CD+ MANGA – Chapter 3】

He meets a frog, who is not what he appears to be. Email required Address never made public.

Edit Chiukoku Information What would you like to edit? Hrm, I could still rate it above 5 stars. So, my judgement towards the CD was quite affected.

Zexion can’t love Demyx. Sexual content K – Rated: What’s in a plot. I used to translate manga and light novels a few years back, left, then came back cause I found some good novels to read. Darma exactly does the art major have in mind with a naked Kisa and a paintbrush so early in the morning and how will Kisa react to this?


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View all posts by adorkablerika. In the beginning of the year, i read over all my work and realised how much i have improved, so as of right now, Im in the midst of completly re-writting all my stories. Allen Walker was not supposed to be becoming a werewolf. I love the series so much that I can rate it higher than 5 stars. Save You by amariys reviews Aomine knew he was powerless, but he just couldn’t help the strong feeling to save Kise, even if it was just a wistful thinking.

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They meet and easily hit it off, but as Kisa learns, dating a famous singer chuumoku a lot more mishaps than if you’re not. It’s a world of dark secrets and uncertain futures.

Takahiro Finds Out More? You’re mine for the taking’ Tugging at the chains Misaki thinks that perhaps this was inevitable. Yaoi anime and Boys’ Love BL anime are some of the most recognizable and popular genres in the medium.

seitokaichou ni chukoku

None found, add some. How ’bout on a diving board? Normal scenes environment SFX,etc. He soon does it but there will be all the obsticles in order to prove their love. Oh, I also felt his great change even in the 3rd CD, but it was more emphasized with this one. Something old, Something new by whereSilencebegins reviews chuuklku AU. So little time to just be.


Innocent Light reviews When reflecting on what happened in the locker room, Kishibe vows that his feelings for Kantoku won’t remain hidden forever. Ritsu is making preparations for a drama CD based on Mutou-sensei’s manga, to see if it’s ready for anime. Notify me of new comments via email. This site uses cookies. In contrast to Yusa-san, I thought Suzuki-san has a very significant role because of his acting.

Elysium by Scribhneoir45 reviews Previously titled ‘You’re Beautiful’. Kisa and Yukina Rating: Hot Date by Phoenix of Starlight reviews When Eiji’s one request is that Necoco doesn’t do anything pervy on their first real date, Necoco finds that it’s a pretty difficult wish to obey.