Retrieved December 4, The show starts to fall apart all throughout the season. Helped me decide Elektrolytes as themselves Guest stars: The girls are acting so grown up when they are ONLY 14!!!! Meanwhile, Flynn is mad at Ty for ignoring him at Crusty’s, so he fires Ty as his babysitter and replaces him with Gunther. Gary Wilde returns to announce he is hosting a new dance show — “Dance Factor” — and he wants CeCe, Rocky and Tinka to join the program.

The girls wear the glitziest outfits, who dresses like that?! I have a feeling that some of you parents are just trying to pick out little things of the show that you dislike so you can use it as a reason why you’re just being stubborn against the show. After seeing how well their dance routine was, Gary informs CeCe and Gunther that they earned the Spotlight Dance of the week. In the end, Rocky and CeCe accepts Tinka’s friendship, and it is revealed that a faulty tanning bed caused the fire. In the ending, Rocky and CeCe tries to get Mr. This episode finally aired two weeks later on October 2,

Tinka accidentally swaps CeCe and Flynn’s bodies by an old curse of her Grandma’s which Grandma used when she and Gunther used to argue with each other. Not only does this glorifies bullying but it also glorifies stupidity. They are snotty and rude to other kids ttyldox the show is full of insults geared mostly towards the kids who aren’t as popular.

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Rocky saves Phil’s life and he happily gives her back her job, but wanting ig earn her way, Rocky refuses and decides to re-audition. This is the fourth episode where Tinka appears without Gunther.

I have nearly NEVER seen a Disney channel star wear some regular 15 iit jeans and a sweatshirt or some regular t-shirt with a school logo on it. CeCe learns to not doubt her and her ability. Retrieved October 10, She gets inspired by a speech performed at ttylxoox bar mitzvah where Rocky booked them a gig. Views Read Edit View history.


It consisted of 28 episodes, giving the series a total of 49 episodes thus far.

Kid reviews for Shake It Up

CeCe convinces Georgia to leave her watching Flynn so she can meet Jeremy’s parents after she convinces her that she is “responsible”, but when a last minute shoe sale comes up, she puts Rocky in charge even though she is incredibly ill.

Meanwhile, Henry becomes a substitute teacher in Flynn’s class. Season 2 Episode Kid reviews for Shake It Up. I don’t have those but it’s terrible that Disney would do that. The game show turns out episod be a lot more twisted than it seems, as the episoxe are forced to suffer comical, yet disgusting punishments for Flynn intentionally answering the questions incorrectly.

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Due to episodes being shown out of order, events from this episode are mentioned in “Shrink It Up”. CeCe helps Rocky qualify for a scholarship by lying to the dean of CFA, claiming that Rocky’s father is a single parent, but their lie is exposed when Rocky’s mother shows up. Teen, 15 years old Written by Aleluvsyou June 8, It’s annoying, cheesy, sappy, unfunny I can clearly tell that there is nothing wrong this show for viewers 12 and up.

It was a mash-up video with ” Something to Dance For ” which the girls start off to request for each other’s song and then Zendaya starts to sing and dance with her group of people, then “TTYLXOX” plays with Bella Thorne dancing and singing with her group, and then finally the songs mashes up with both Zendaya and Bella Thorne singing their songs and dancing together.


This show has underlying unhealthy messages about bullying, weight and sexuality. This show is just so terrible, I can’t even explain it.

Use the HTML below. The messages sent to kids under thirteen are not apropriate.

Judge It Up

The third season officially premiered on October 14, and aired its last episode on November 10, with 26 episodes aired for the season. When do 13 year olds act like this in real life. Meanwhile, Deuce helps Ty identify his secret admirer. Made in Japan Jersey.

CeCe is in a funk without Shake It Up! List of Shake It Up characters. Teen, 14 years old Written by thundermuffin May 27, When the producer announces the list of dancers, CeCe and Tinka both got in, but there was some confusion about whether Rocky or Ty got in. US Heatseekers Billboard [1]. The girls are acting so grown up when they are ONLY 14!!!! Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue.

As soon as Judge Marsha is peisode to close the case, Deuce comes running in with a surveillance video from Crusty’s. Tinka Hessenheffer Loretta Devine Written by Anonymous January 6, Rocky and CeCe decide to make an amazing Sweet 16 party together. However, after CeCe finally apologizes for not spending time with him, Flynn has a change of heart and attempts to answer the final question correctly to win the grand prize for all three of them.

Meanwhile, Tinka tries to bake the perfect cake for Jeremy.