I’m planning to watch it raw. My mom gave this to me before she passed away, she explains. First 2 minutes into the episode and I was already alternately laughing and holding on to my heart. Shining Inheritance is a drama I fell in love with and I really wanted to post my review about it here to share! Seung Gi is really rocking that hair Looking forward to episode 2. Kitzeekat May 8, at

Still, their personalities emerge: Swen February 1, at Yay, I was hoping for competent, and was pleasantly surprised by how well executed the premiere episode was. Thanks gf for the recap!! They also blurred Baksa’s knife in ‘Heartless City’, i was also surprised because in historical dramas they show swords and knifes without blurring but in modern dramas the are blurring it, i don’t know the reason for censoring the knife but i really wanted to see Baksa’s knife because it looked really cool even with the censor. Notify me of new posts via email.

A guest has already reported this video using inheritacne current IP address. She gave a good start character for SS. They cramacrazy both awesome: First 2 minutes into the episode and I was already alternately laughing and holding on to my heart. About 5 years ago. But you have your expectation and I have mine, so if Playlist 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

Lee Seung Gi Main Cast. Apparently Jin Sung Food is experiencing some internal problems. Tae-il goes next, and says smoothly that he grew up in Seoul and became a detective because it seemed fun. Thanks for sharing — I truly enjoyed reading.

He could have simply tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to move away from the path of the droplets. You already rule Sat-Sun.


I think he’ll do it really well. Ji-yong staggers along the marina and goes over it again in his head. They strap on weapons and team-strut their way through shihing precinct behind their leader, to the sound of admirers swooning. And please, no My Chemical Romance next time.

Many of my favorite scenes of the two are when they are working together. Please enter the character as shown in the image above. episose

Episode 23

Yoo Ji In Supporting Cast. Soon the house is crawling with cops, and Pan-seok comes out to check on Ji-yong and offers to have him over for the night. Loved the noble mom. I know you only too well. It makes you think about what money does to people. Not to mention it spoke to me on a personal level because of my brother and that fact that I myself have dealt with 3 neurological disorders.

Very different but entertaining. An old couple, unrelated to any of our characters, appears in this episode for the first time. He smiles back at her pleasantly. All hell breaks loose, and soon the entire group of surly teens is lined up at the police station. And I only started liking seunggi after watching 1N2D. Not macho or tough looking guy. I don’t get why blurred knifes, but guns are fine.

I’m planning to watch it raw. I just cracked myself up.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ji-yong turns around when he hears footsteps approaching from the darkened hallway, and walks toward the sound. I felt bad for him later on in the story, he is a good guy.

I think everyone has different expectations then tbh. The backstory is super intriguing as well, was not expecting the dirty cop story but I like it.

So distraught is she at not finding him and at the thought that he could be with Eun-sungshe even walks toward the waves, as though he might be inherotance diving beneath the water.

The competition isn’t huge and SBS owns the time slot for a year now. Thank you for sharing. So stop flailing your arms and stop wailing. Hwan’s hair was crazy, but I liked it too. Still, their personalities emerge: Ji-yong comes home sometime later and dramavrazy up a shiny necklace just outside the front door.

Suddenly a yellow umbrella comes out of nowhere and she whirls around to find Ji-yong smiling back at her. Princess Man annoyed me so much since it was literally Romeo and Juliet. The actress doesn’t get very big parts, but I’ve liked her in most parts that I’ve seen her in.

Go through all the emotions again, watch Seung Gi the way I first saw him. Log in with Email.