I am pretty sure Eun Oh didn’t drink from the well becos he was just teasing her at the end By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He has until the last one disappears. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taoism is thought to come earlier than that, but later than Buddhism, which blended a lot in Korea. So, yes, it’s “a way out of a corner” as Yellow says but it’s the opposite of clever: ShinRaeMi07 October 19, at 7:

However, he changes his mind after seeing that Arang somehow has a distinctive hairpin that he gave his mother at their last meeting. I don’t mind them being re-incarnated as long as they both retain their memories and can be together. Once again Thk you. Yes, the Jade Emperor pretty much predicted everything that was going to happen, and he stepped in enough times to steer the situation into being. A crazy girl spinning a crazy tale, having him really not believing in the existences of the supernatural this lifetime as he so pretended and insisted in his last — yet he loves and adores her in this life despite all of it. I use donna nickname too. So they both remember, and get to be happy – and that’s what I want for them.

I’m confused, the bell rings if she will find out who killed her. I know, I could actually hear SMA’s voice as Arang saying those exact same words, it was a great choice of child casting. Goat or not, he wasn’t the one needing to answer to the million of pure and not young maiden souls lost. sunopsis


We back up to the hairpin. But as he says how could he forget when she kept on telling him repeatedly not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. This way he forgets and is still of service. Ancestor worship was Wuism, though I believe it’s surmised that the God system is separate from Wuism. Once somebody enter the Gate of Death I wonder about his character though. So hands up to this drama for never losing it’s spark. Sounds like a cop-out, right?

I have to say, the ending was almost a close call for Arang to remember it was her who cost her own death. They must have had a meeting in the afterworld that we didn’t see.

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I caught that, too. But it WAS a tue bit of a let down that somehow they didn’t get the upper hand and make it work out another way in the end so that neither had to die or go to hell in the first place.

That defeats the meaning of deus ex machina. Precisely because the details of magistrat resolution have not been properly chewed out, so to speak.

During the Joseon era in the city of MiryangArang was the pure, beautiful, goodhearted daughter of a magistrate. But for this time period in Korea, it’s definitely not considered in Korea to be the same thing. Can’t they think a bit out of the box? Because he has witnessed as well as she who bore him, the events that gave him his final fate. What can that mean?


Archived from the original peisode December 26, thd Sinopsis Nineteen part 1. He attacked and she resisted, so he stabbed and killed her, and left her body to rot in the woods. Not your usual avenging ghost story”. The Best Solution for everything.

So Wooden acting is too much But given how good the rest of the episode went, I can forgive them. Messing around, here’s an alternate ending that may work.

Yellow October 18, at 9: Gods have certain power to control humans. So I don’t really get the little kids part What is it you want? I also really disliked the ending of Rooftop Prince.

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Seorang ayah yang selalu melindungi. The 2 cute kids add more color in this drama. He for the deeds and other fhe of pie served; the first being the side served by the protagonists — is that goat in heaven.

Or maybe I won’t.