Feeling dejected, she meets with a stranger she chatted with online. Fall In Love With Me. He also became the coach for the basketball team. Traditional Chinese Country of Origin: It Started With A Kiss. She was very happy with the set. Once he knows that Qi Yue is not the same girl she used to be and is in a relationship with Ah Meng, he then tries to get back his girlfriend.

Traditional Chinese Country of Origin: Feeling dejected, she meets with a stranger she chatted with online. With great chemistry and playfulness, these two talented actors know exactly what they are doing and give plenty of adorable fan service! A loading error has occurred. He beats up Yang Ping and brings Qi Yue home. Of course, both of these dangerous lovers have people pursuing their interest.

This causes Ah Mon to be jealous and he feels insecure. He threatens Qi Yue to print a thousand copies of her love letter and let the whole school know of her liking for Yuan Yi.

His name is Ah Rang. Ah Mon kisses Qi Yue passionately on the road. Ah Meng then teaches him how to protect himself and fight the boys who bulied him. Community Forums Apps Viki.

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This product is temporarily out of stock. All transactions at YesAsia. Yuan Yi is angry and hostile towards Ah Meng at first, but gets over it and realizes his feelings for Qing Zi after she kisses him and he admits that he has feelings towards Qi Yue but he also knows he has no more chance because of Ah Meng.

It’s a prank, orchestrated by Ah Mon’s friends. At the school’s rp, he ambushes Qi Yue and wants to kill her.

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Customer Review Rated Bad 10 – 10 out of 10 taiawn watch many taiwanese drama. Of course, both of these dangerous lovers have people pursuing their interest. This item belongs to: She harbors a crush on the captain of the basketball teamYuan Yi, but her life is turned upside-down by Ah Meng. She can be found dancing or writing articles, as well as fiction and lyrics, most of the time.


Li Xiang has also developed a crush on Ah Meng, bwside him “Prince”. Although she is his future stepsister elderhe does love her and enjoys teasing her. To Qi Yue’s surprise, Yuan Yi has a similar liking for her. He is a freshman at the college, yet he has power over his teachers due to his father’s position.

He is Ah Meng’s younger brother.

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Seeing Ah Mon has injured his hand, she offers to clean the wounds for him. Unlike Qing Zi, Xiao Cai appears to be more calm. For more details, please refer to our return policy. He beats up Yang Ping and brings Qi Yue home. To complicate matters, drma parents are planning to marry each other, making them stepsiblings. She tells Yuan Yi the truth and walks away. She absolutely loves this series. Mike is a young man who doesn’t know how to express his love for his girlfriend, a lively girl played by singer Rainie Yang.

Popular Taiwan TV Dramas. She would do anything to get Ah Meng to notice her, she would even go as far as hiring girls to beat her up so Ah Meng could “save” her. A girl who Ah Meng saved when she dropped her glasses in the middle of a road.

She likes to give out the chocolates to thank people for their kindness. My frz say good drama. So I decided to take it upon myself to share the love, and give a list of some of the sinopsiss romantics. This item is eligible for Free International Shipping. He knows that she loves him but gets jealous when he finds out that there are new people that are pursuing her.


Ah Mon was told that Qi Yue fainted in the hospital.

She ends up in a boy band led by the always serious Yoj Tai Jing Jiro Wangand has to keep her female identity bwside. Tian Xing also falls for her and the results are hilarious, as he tries to get her to fall for him as Tian Xing instead of as Xiao Lu. He is concerned about her, which makes Qi Yue happy. He is willing to do anything for her, even trying to beat up Qi Yue.

I would say nothing, but Cheng Liang Liang Puff Guo quickly realizes just about everything is wrong with the startling perfectionist that buys the company she works at. She wrote a love letter and plans to pass it to him. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat He also tried to act like him, which causes him to get bullied and beaten up in school. In the evening, he tells Qi Yue that nobody is more defil than he is in liking her and she belongs to him only.

Qi Yue finally realizes that the person she likes is Ah Mon. How does this article make you feel?