Hunky Yoo Ji Tae with a six month boy. It can get annoying haha. Who the hell knew he was so damn touchy feely, and cuddly. Through a series of flashbacks, we get a voiceover of Un saying that he wishes he could go back. And then I would think, Is it okay for this to be real? That person has SOME kind of intuition for magic. I think we all did!

Jin Ju fires another into the book and it goes up in flames. The Cho Rip story was funny. As they once again start to board the ship, Dong Soo comes cantering up. She asks him to save her again. Now that the Plan has been discovered and dispatched, his tasks there are done. The fight scene in the beginning was strange, given that there were like twenty guards, Dae Ung and Un and then DS just barges in and tells JS to runaway. Nuclear is the right word for their chemistry. And she knows the island “the large poster” means a lot to him

KDaddict January 26, at 9: He then played the titular character in action historical drama Warrior Baek Dong-soo This is my ghost presently typing these words, cackling like a madwoman mentally cackling, my family won’t take any more of the real stuff. Ji leaves a letter for Jin Ju and heads back to frama Assassins headquarters.

I love this show so much!!!!!!!

As proof he shows them a forged order from Chun. Choi Min Soo — just simply amazing. Lead characters with minimal lovelines. I have that scene memorised – every minute detail. And again with the voiceovers!

Ji Chang-wook

As you are in Singapore, I’m asking you if you read Comment Because even though I never got into that drama 144 and I watched it it seems to be everyone’s favorite OTP. Ji returned to the musical theater in with The Daysplaying a presidential bodyguard who went missing 20 years ago along with a mysterious female companion. I’m gonna check dramacool to see the next episode.


I loved Un is this even though he was in hardly 3 or 4 scenes. We see that various other people have arrived on the scene to witness this confrontation, including Jin Ju and the painter Kim Hong Do. I love how it will set the stage for more cameos of yet more badasses.

Gwang Taek is headed off, and Dong Soo chases after him to the courtyard. Blurry grey blob episofe been his sweats that she had borrowed earlier. Look how happy they are-especially him!

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Maybe Dad should have invited himself over to “help” take care of Bong Soo. But I luv that she just lets him do all that to her while she admire his island. Mary of Bethany Hahaha I take back my words.

Views Read Edit View history. Young shin became that island. That picture is in memoriam to Dongsoo v1. Thank you for watching with us. Moon-shik confirms that Jung-hoo grew up without parents, and Young-shin grew up surrounded by ex-convicts. And hoping at END of tunnel, he disappear further away from the jungle of chimps, leopards I’m rewatching it for the th time now.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

Just like he asked her at rooftop, he will become the SELF she delights in. Tears are welling up in my eyes just thinking about that hug scene again… Dangit.


The Norons throw a hissy over that, but the King insists, and appoints General Seo to a naval command. With that, she joins Detective Yoon, having agreed to exchange information: After a teeny bit of awkward goodbyes, Dong Soo reaches over and hugs Jin Ju. Ji tells him to forget Ji Sun. The Donga Ilbo in Korean. I’m a lurker who doesn’t comment much even for dramas i love but healer is the only one drama that makes me want to post a string of enlendless comments.

Un thanks him, and rides away. We start episode 14 right where we left off.

No more good guy deaths! Un takes his short sword and slashes her hanbok instead, revealing part of the tattoo.

And it is currently 8: I loved it when he tried to dry her hair and got He was a perverted old man. She literally proposed to him when they were young.

When she wakes up, the spot next to her is empty, and she stretches awake… and finds Warruor still looking down at her from the other side.

He’s like my four year old sister plastered to my mom while she’s cooking.