D I’ll look forward to the next pretty boy line-up lol. She heads downstairs and stops to look at the Christmas tree, and finds a card from Chi-soo to Kang-hyuk. Eun-bi stops him, asking how he can just go like this, without a word. The series is the first installment of tvN’s “Oh! Yours are exactly my sentiments! Eun-bi trips over her long dress as she runs up the stairs, and then as a line of security guards runs toward her, she realizes this is straight out of her dream. Your email address will not be published.

Like what GF said, all the metaphors that produced that omo.. I knew they were going to end up together but then I thought that it could turn out being something that is similar to what happened in personal taste. That was my take on it, at least. Hyun-woo presents his dish first: The show ends with Chi-soo visiting Eun-bi after he has completed his two-year service in the South Korean Army without contacting her; they kiss as the camera pans over the neighborhood where they first met. Ia menyembunyikan perasaannya rapat-rapat karena gak mau isi hatinya diketa

LOL I was impatient so I watched the raw episodes. What about his life next?

Funny thing though, I didnt watch this drama in the beginning but I shlp reading your recaps from episode 10 and beyond. Their recaps enrich the story for me. They have their own dreams to pursue. I have to admit I am bit of disappointed about the ending.

I love it when a drama saves its best for last. He picks up on her chin-scratching habit, though it looks like his is a reaction to being rejected.


Did you even read the recap? Views Read Edit View history. And then suddenly a woman comes storming into his stall, leaning in close. Excellent write up, Rinka, and I episoee agree more about our awesome hosts!

He describes it as a large dish, because Ba-wool gets hungry really often, so it needs to be super filling. JIW, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we’re watching by DB Staff.

Thank you recaping this series. Flower Boy Band will live up to this?

I promised I’d never let anything happen to him. I did not really get the satisfaction out of it all, it was illogical and kind of nonsensical.

I’m kinda into read between the line kind of thing. If they go like this, Dad will take the shop, and then what will she do? Anyways, I love the drama. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Its popularity has spawned a webcomic version of the show, taking off from characters Ba-wool and Hyun-woo as year-olds managing a ramen restaurant.

I’ve been waiting for this all night. And the poor prince was finally rescued. Can I ask you? In all my years of watching dramas, I’ve never come across a drama with such tight writing and thematic juiciness.

I’m currently downloading all the episodes it’s my vacation and i’m going to marathon it. At first i was dissapointed with this kind of endings, but now i appreciate that they did have the realistic touch in them, coz there is no ‘forever’ in this world. Retrieved February 9, I love love loved this drama and I hope there will be many more dramas like this which will be enjoyable from the first episode to the last.


Sinopsis ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ All Episodes

Shukmeister December 20, at Its definitely one of the best drama shows I’ve ever seen. Anduril December 20, at sknopsis I had hoped for a little spin of happiness for our Panda, but, still, fairly satisfying ending. I’ve been refreshing the main page for about two hours A bromance, once nurtured by mutual ramyun-sharing, is not so easily broken.

I commend all the actors for their hard work and would like to see Ba-wool and Hyun-woo in other stuff. Thank you very much!

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Especially knowing that Eun Bi said she’d support Chi-soo! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Dramabeans made the whole viewing experience so much better. Samantha December 21, at 2: I really enjoyed this drama Eun-bi stops him, asking how he can just go like this, without a word. I will never look at a bowl of ramyun in the same way again!