Ravan kills Kuber’s messengers on reading his letter. Like 0 Dislike 0. A boatman agrees to help Ram, Lakshman and Sita cross the Ganga. Ram seeks the blessings of the commoners so that he can become a good ruler. Marut’s rajguru asks Ravan to forgive him. Loved it… waiting for the all four pairs to get married…….

Tues, 12 Jan 16 – Episode Ram says I m helping Maai by learning plough. Janak is pleased to see Ram and embraces him. Ram releases a horse in order to complete the Ashwamedh Yagna. A password will be e-mailed to you. He boasts about himself and says I m great and can everything possible even without your blessings, I need you and you need me more, world knows you by my devotion. Ram, Sita and Lakshman leave the palace.

Urmila scolds Malyavaan for misbehaving with Sita. Dasharath asks Ram to promise him that he will return.

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Kushadwaj apologizes to him and leaves. Ravan sees the Shiva Dhanush at Janak’s temple and vows to take it to Lanka. Join or Log Into Facebook.

Vishwamitra asks Ram to not feel upset. Urmila assures Shrutakirti and Mandvi that Ram will win the swayamvar. However, Ram identifies Mahadev.


Sita stops the horse! Ram is impressed by Sita as she convinces Janak to let her go.

Ram’s Missing At the Swayamvar

Janak asks him to sit. Subahu attacks Ram after faking his surrender. He gives Vishnu’s Dhanush to Varundev as Ram refuses to take it. Sita and her sisters prepare to return home. Sita greets the Dhanush. Kaikesi slaps Surpanakha for seeking revenge from Ravan.

Raavan says I will come late, I will win first if I go now, let all the princes try to lift the Dhanush, let them fail, I will make late entry and string the Dhanush, everyone 2106 cheer for me. Meanwhile, Dasharath shares his worries with Guru Vashisth. Sita saves Shrutakirti from the golden deer. Guru Vashish cautions him to not break his promises.

Ram performs the fawn’s funeral. Ram, Sita and Lakshman leave at dawn. Sita and Ram get upset on seeing a fawn separated from its family. Malyavaan tells Mandodari that Ravan has decided to attend Sita’s swayamvar. They head for the Ganga river. Sita decides to help Rishi Vishwamitra. Sita and her sisters are desperate to see Ram. Kaushalya and Sumitra confront Kaikeyi for conspiring against Ram. Sumantra asks Ram to fulfill Dashrath’s responsibilities. Sita consoles her sisters.


Ram tells Dashrath that he has promised Kaikeyi to leave siyz palace. Kaikeyi argues with Dashrath for hiding the truth. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga bring Sita. Ram notices the dressing on the wound of the Ashwamedh horse. Sita asks Ram about his favourite dish. Kajal 19th Jan – Meanwhile, Sita helps the victims at the ashram.

Sunaina comforts Janak, who’s worried about Sita’s marriage.

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Ram, Lakshman and Sita are welcome by a few Rishis at Chitrakoot. Meanwhile, Lakshman tells Ram that Dasharath has agreed to the wedding. A few asuras plan an attack on Ram.