Kaikeyi decides to stop Ram’s coronation. Ram forms a magical cocoon to protect Bharat, Sumantra and the brides from the asuras. Kushadwaj arrives with Mithila’s army to fight Tataka. He performs Dasharath’s last rites. Dasharath announces Ram to be his heir to the throne! Malyavan tells Shurpanakha that Vidyutjivah had attacked Ravan.

Dasharath requests Janak about the same. Sita vows to follow sanyasi dharma for fourteen years. Kaikeyi tells Manthara to go home for speaking against Ram. Gargi reveals to Sita that Janak had found her while ploughing a field. Ram and Sita embark on their journey to Ayodhya. Sita and Sunaina get emotional. Mandorari learns about the curse.

Kaikeyi, Sumitra and Kaushalya eagerly await the newly-weds to arrive. Bharath and Shatrughan plan to return to Ayodhya.

Janak conveys his intention to Sita about her marriage. Ravan forces himself on Rambha, who is about to marry Kuber’s son, Nal Kuber. Ram, Lakshman and Sita leave Bharadwaj’s ashram. Janak and Sita get emotional and share a tender moment. Mandodari thinks of ways to avert Ravan’s death. Yagnavalkya accepts Sita’s request to let Gargi teach her. Meanwhile, Vishwamitra decides to take Ram and Lakshman to Mithila.

Janak asks Shatanand to invite Sunaina’s brothers for the wedding. Kaushalya asks Ram to build a golden horse and sacrifice it. Kaikeyi agrees for Ram and Sita’s wedding.

Ravan is angry with Shurpanakha for marrying Vidyujjihva, and bids her farewell. Ram refuses to agree with Sita’s decision. Ram notices the dressing on the wound of the Ashwamedh horse. He becomes elated on meeting Ram and Lakshman. Dasharath continues to grieve about Ram’s exile. Dasharath tells Sita about his nightmare. Sita and her sisters see the ashrams demolished by the asuras.


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Sumantra finds a place to halt for the night. Nanashri tells Ravan that Vishwamitra had brought two princes to destroy Tadaka and Subahu. Subahu secretly watches Mareech perform the last rites of Tadaka. Mandodari tries to make Ravan realise his mistake. Sita suspects someone to have tampered with nature. Vishwamitra tells Ram about his past when siy used to be an egoistic king and had once asked Rishi Vashist to part with his miraculous cow, Nandini.

She shows him a golden deer and later asks if he intends to have more than one wife. Kaikeyi argues with Dashrath for hiding the truth.

Ram saves Mithila from the flood. Vishwamitra asks Janak to get Dashrath’s approval for Ram and Sita’s marriage.

Dasharath is in a dilemma thinking about his promise to Vishwamitra. Sita tells Ram about the significance of lighting earthen lamps. A demon tells Ravan that Indradev had gone to attend king Marut’s yagya. Ram and Sita embark on their journey to Ayodhya.

Janak tells Shatanand that they have to kke an auspicious day for Ram and Sita’s wedding. Dasharath leaves for Mithila. Later, Ravan tells Janak that he wants to see the Shiva Dhanush.

Ram takes Dasharath’s permission to leave.

Mahadev to Attend the Wedding

Kaikasi asks Ravan to attack Indradev. Mandodari confronts Malyavan for helping Ravan in his misdeed. Kaikeyi and Ram strengthen their bond.


Ram, Lakshman and Sita are welcome by a few Rishis at Chitrakoot. He promises to fulfill two wishes. Bharat tells Kaushalya that he does not want to go.

Sita Questions Gautama Rishi

A worried Sita worships Goddess Gauri. Sita urges Ram to take her along with him. Janak sends a message to Dashrath conveying that Ram has fulfilled the challenge of Swayamvar and requests his acceptance for the marriage.

Ram, Sita and Lakshman leave at dawn. Urmila is frightened to see a gigantic snake. Sita tells Ram that she has decided to accompany him on his exile. Laxman tries to fight off Tataka, but is overpowered.

Janak and Sita long to see Ram. The Gods attack Ravan, but fail. Janak decides to carry out his daughters’ bidai the next day. Unaware the brothers enjoy the food cooked by Sita. Sita tries to convince them to let her go. Ravan challenges the gods to stop him from conquering the world. Sita shows a herd of golden deer to her sisters in the forest.