Maybe you just had bad timing. I think too many people dismiss it as being another Family Guy clone. Obscure references are fine, but not whole episodes. Towelie refuses their pleas until Butters reveals he has brought Towelie’s child, “Washcloth”, which finally prompts him to accept the offer to go to a rehabilitation clinic in Southern California. People love to complain! Both the quote and his actions are from Season 5, episode 9 of the TV reality series Intervention where they interview “Allison”. Ah, I see marklar.

Not a lot of huge laughs but there were some pretty good bits. I didnt laugh once Club writer Josh Modell also praised South Park for “not getting too caught up in the Muhammad thing”, and praised the jokes about Intervention , which he said “is one of those shows that’s really easy to parody”. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Probably my favorite of the season so far. Maybe they thought that could carry a entire episode but for me it did not. Timmy starting a handi-cabs company and inspiring the whole town?

But then they brought in a half-assed commentary about Tesla which, to be honnest, I didn’t get at all. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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And then I’m being downvoted. I’ve done so for 11 years! Every South Park Episode Ranked. If it’s completely critical then why even watch the show at all. MTV writer Adam Rosenberg thought the episode “just wasn’t very funny”, and said it missed an opportunity to continue the creative edginess demonstrated in “” and “”.

Season 14 – Best to Worst. I would just leave it with that line. Criticism is good you guys, why are we only seeing the slightly funny bits, and not the rest of the shit surrounding it?

It can start a great discussion, what do others think? It started off promising, but fell flat for me the rest of the episode.


Edit Storyline The boys stage an intervention for Towelie after he falls off the wagon while working at Timmy and Jimmy’s summer camp. Audible Download Audio Books.

You didn’t like Cissy? I thought last season was a bit down from their usual quality, but they’re making up for it in spades this season. Ya gotta admit it was pretty funny hearing Nathan call someone a “fucking moron” though. Subsequently, Nathan tries to lead Jimmy’s team into dangerous Indian territory during a scavenger hunt, but instead Mimsy switches the maps and switches them again Nathan demanded him to “Switch the maps!

This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat New York Daily News. This is the same song misplayed by Bugs Bunny in ballot box bunny and show-biz bugs with the same results.

Love the analogies and Dick Dastardly! Episose as good as Cissy but I enjoyed it and so did many others. So I thought it was brilliant when they used them to represent the ending of Saturday morning cartoons.

I thought you were agreeing with Marklar with whom I had a marklar when he said the opposite marklar. Crippled Summer 28 Apr Eh–I was arguing last week “South Park” sucks when they have no point, and here’s exhibit A.

Change the previous scene to where the Marsh’s took a taxi and the Stotches took handicar. I could probably go into a good 15 minute discussion on why everything in this episode was so formulaic, unoriginal, and poorly concepted.

However, after writing portions episoode the story for the tenth season episode, they found they did not know where to bring the story or how to resolve it. Let’s give this review another go: People think downvoting is the cool thing to do.

The episode ends with a message encouraging people who know towels in need of drug rehabilitation to visit ” Restore Stephen Baldwin “, a real-life website seeking assistance for actor Stephen Baldwin.

I couldn’t believe it! This one was just a filler. Within the first 10 seconds someone mentions handicar and literally the next scene after shuf is the taxi scene. All the continuity there was was when Randy started singing “Push” in a cameo kind-of way.


Episodes with nothing to say about human behavior, satirically, or whatever are nearly automatically bad. Aside from one or two jokes the first one was awful, and the second one was maybe passable. Was this review helpful to you?

Crippled Summer

There’s a little bit there as far as parallels with cable companies, big oil and maybe even a little commentary on bailouts, but for the most part this was just one big silly episode and I really liked it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Full Cast and Crew. I didnt laugh once Frankly I did not even mimwy it to the middlenot even to a third! Yeah, I wasn’t expecting his parents to admit to “not being able to understand him” wink.

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Crippled Summer 28 Skuth 6. This episode seemed very uninspired to me. Someone has the handicar idea, and then some other writer is like, oh yea and taxis suck lets show how bad taxis are. The guy I replied to said he disliked the first two mimst liked cissy. Any criticism at all of South Park appears to be frowned upon in this subreddit, you’re only allowed to say how you thought each episode was the best one yet, and how hilarious you found every single line.

The writing wasn’t brilliant or anything but this episode got so many cheap laughs out of me, I loved it. I don’t think the joke of an entire episode should be centered around something that most people wouldn’t even know about. So this was a great treat for me, and Mimsy being the voice of reason when it comes to ride sharing was hilarious.

They just showed a bunch of people getting dragged around on wheelchairs. The episode started off as shitty.