Meanwhile, Glaber tests Ashur’s loyalty, and through the passing of this test Ashur’s status and pride is elevated, filled with his own sense of self-importance. When Spartacus wounds and bests his rival, Glaber defiantly boasts that his death and the destruction of his legion will bring many more legions of Roman soldiers after them and the rebels will never win in the long run. Meanwhile, Glaber must ease the insult he gave to Varinius, a fellow Praetor ; Ilithyia suggests a party in his honor. Episode 10 – Wrath of the Gods. In the port city of Neapolis, Spartacus, Agron, and Lucius pose as rich Romans interested in buying a new shipment of slaves, all of whom hail from the Germanic tribes of the north. Spartacus and Mira now stand as one as they see a horde of strangers approach in the sun’s early light ready for a fight to the death, only to find it is Agron and the rest of the Rebels come to aid them. Oenomaus in his disbelief inadvertently reveals the rebels’ purpose of going south in search of Naevia.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Retrieved March 27, Varinius is rebuffed by Glaber, and warns of further ruin if Glaber does not obey. Vengeance The Making Of Spartacus: S02 – Vietnamese subtitles. Lucretia gives a final pep talk to convince Seppia to make attempt on Glaber’s life.

To get it out of the way: SpartacusVengeance s02e01 Arabic subtitles. He becomes a favorite of the crowd, leading Senator Albinius to s022e01 his death sentence to a life of slavery. Chadara would rather seek her place in the bed of another gladiator but is rebuffed. Spartacus VengeanceSecond Season no English subtitles.


Rome was no flower-covered heaven on earth. Spartacus and crew free another band of slaves being sent for the dreaded Mines.

On 26 February interview with Entertainment WeeklyDeKnight revealed that the sparrtacus season was set to air “the end of January” Glaber appears to agree to the terms. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas. Glaber halts further pursuit and decides to besiege the mountain, hoping to force the rebels to come out eubtitles the open, driven by hunger and thirst.

In Capua, Ashur tortures Oenomaus to get information on Spartacus and his men unsuccessfully. Episode 05 – Libertus. Retrieved from ” https: Use the HTML below.

Spartacus: Vengeance Unleashed

Lucretia tempts Gannicus with a plan to kill Glaber and end this conflict. After raping her again, Ashur believes Lucretia is beginning to have feelings for him, and he presents her with a red wig like she used to wear as a symbol of her belonging to him. Full Cast and Crew.

Ashur 21 episodes, S03E04Empty Hands English subtitles. Varinius is hit by a projectile and is presumably killed. Watch our trailer of trailers. Gods of the Arenathe prequel to Spartacus: After a heated exchange of words by hero and villain, treachery is revealed and the wagon is filled with Ashur and his mercenary band, including a burly and lethal Egyptian warrior, and an all-out battle occurs.

Meanwhile, Glaber and Ashur scour the town for clues about where Gannicus has taken Ilithyia, laying waste to every brothel, with Ashur collecting goods from every corpse.

At the end, Spartacus releases Ilithyia in the woods after revealing to her that Glaber had no intention of saving her. But Lucretia notices while being raped that among Ashur’s horde of jewels and gold is dead Seppius’ gold twin snake armlet. With no other path that does not lead to certain death, the Rebels take to the steep mountain paths of Mt. Ashur states Gannicus has made his choice.


September 11, [2]. Oenomaus awakens and tells Gannicus that they were once brothers and the betrayal with Melitta is not easily forgotten or forgiven. Varinius returns to Capua at the secret bidding of Seppia with directions from the Senate that Glaber is to leave Capua and return to Rome.

Subtitles For Spartacus: War of the Damned

Lucretia finally reveals the depth of Glaber’s vengeance and murderous deeds to Seppia. In addition Micheal Hurst who played Hercules best friend Subtutles has directed a subttles number of the episodes in Spartacus, particularly the later seasons. Its story follows Spartacus played by Liam McIntyrewho replaces the late Andy Whitfieldafter he and his fellow gladiators kill their master Batiatus and escape from his ludusor gladiatorial training school.

Spartacus and the surviving rebels proceed to celebrate their victory. Spartacus Vengeance S2 Web-dl French subtitles.

By the final fight only Spartacus, Mira, Naevia and the wounded Nasir are left alive. Spartacus agrees with Crixus cengeance they should march south to look for Naevia, as well as seek to free all slaves who come into their path.

Each episode added a new layer as I see it.

Yes, it’s bloody violent if you measure it in buckets of blood. Retrieved February 28, Oenomaus in his disbelief inadvertently reveals the rebels’ subritles of going south in search of Naevia.