They contact Ashka, but the teacher arrives, having learnt of their ruse. Unfortunately, Brian doesn’t believe their story, as he sees no scientific basis in their theory. Paul sees Ashka about to attack Riana back on the other side of the doorway, so he pulls Riana through the doorway, to save her. While at the camp, Paul Reynolds accidentally goes into a parallel universe. Refusing to believe the old Spellbinders caused the Darkness, Ashka burns the book, and forces Zander to guide them out of the rock formations. The Marauders blackmail Paul into giving them the secret of gunpowder, by threatening to send Correon to the wastelands.

Later, when Paul is able to take Riana back home, the Spellbinder Ashka follows Paul as he later returns home. Meanwhile, back in Paul’s world, Alex and Katrina convince Nick, Alex’s older brother to drive them to the campsite. To stop Paul returning home, Ashka damages the summoning tower. It was also novelised by the creators, Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. In Clayhill, Paul tries to help Bron evacuate his family, but the Summoner arrives. Paul is released from his cell in the dungeons, and Ashka befriends him, hoping to learn more about his world.

How to play sinhala sinnhala in tv easily in 2 minutes Fun Lanka 4 months ago. How to make Sinhala Subtitles in 2 min. Unfortunately, Gryvon doesn’t believe him. After Correon finds a book, they make a surprising discovery: Subitles go wrong when the Summoner the same man whose Eyestone had been stolen by Paul himself comes in and demands to know who Paul is.

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Spellbinder Season 1 Episode 22 with Sinhala subtitles

Katrina does some research in the school library and concludes that Paul is in another dimension. For other uses, see Spellbinder disambiguation. In Clayhill, Bron demands an explanation from Paul, wanting to know why the Spellbinders are after him and Riana.

To return to the campsite, Alex and Katrina decide to take the train.


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The girl still thinks Paul is a Marauder even after he rescues her from drowning in a river and returns her belongings. Sutitles follows Gryvon as he subfitles Paul to see Ashka, who has moved into Correon’s study. In response, Paul, shows Bron the video of Ashka’s confession on his camera. Paul and Riana escape the castle in a flying ship. Meanwhile, the Marauders take Paul, Riana and Correon to their hidden campsite, deep in the forest.

Maran, Riana’s mother reluctantly allows Paul to stay, but forces him to sleep in the barn. Common people are often “banished” for their misdeeds, and sometimes Spellbinders are banished, also, if they are proven to have done wrong. The new power suit named ‘Prototype KX4’ created by Paul’s father in our world is able to repel the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing it to fly.

At the castle, Paul proves to Ashka that he is from another world. Pretending to be Riana, Ashka tells Katrina that it’s safe to open the doorway.

They disguise Paul as a servant, so they can sneak him out. Chingari Koi Bhadke Film: Riana arrives and helps Paul escape Ashka and Gryvon. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Moments later Gryvon, the Summoner and his men take Paul to the Clayhill summoning tower, where a flying ship arrives to take Paul to the Spellbinder’s castle, where he will face judgement for his crimes. So guys enjoy my video and do not People who are exiled to the wastelands are sometimes saved by, and then join, the group of raiders known as Marauders.

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Paul shows Ashka the book from the ruins and explains why Correon is helping him return home. An eyestone creates a weak radio signal, similar to a walkie-talkie. While Paul helps Correon prepare for the challenge, Gryvon sabotages Correon’s power-suit on Ashka’s orders.

Ashka arrives at the castle, but discovers at Correon isn’t there. Paul meets a girl there named Riana, and they become friends. Bron secretly subtiitles Riana to go the castle to help Paul, under the guise of a hunting trip.


Using the radio to broadcast on the eyestones, Katrina warns Paul that Ashka and Gryvon are after him. Paul and Riana’s escapes also add tension, as do the interactions between Spellbinders. Some people are allowed into the Spellbinder castle as servants, while exceptionally bright ones are taken on as apprentices to the Spellbinders.

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Gryvon arrives and takes of his power-suit, and he tries to help Ashka. Regent Correon invites Riana to be his new apprentice, and Ashka and Gryvon are einhala by being sent to a labour camp as seen in Spellbinder: Meanwhile, Riana arrives at the castle, and climbs over the castle walls.

They are used to generate the power bolts released by power suits, and they are also used to create the magnetic fields that power flying ships. Power stones can be recharged by infusing them with electricity, which is done in the lower levels of the Spellbinders’ castle.

Correon speaks to the Regents via his eyestone, and tells them that he will return Paul to his world, because his knowledge is too dangerous. Riana’s mother siinhala reluctant to allow Paul to stay, and insists on reporting him to the Summoner. Paul, the visitor from our world, speculates that “the Darkness” may have been the result of a nuclear winter, although this is not further elaborated upon.

Spellbinder was followed by, Spellbinder: Paul steals Spellbjnder power-suit, and he and Riana enter a flying ship. In combat, the power suit can be worn with a small shield capable of deflecting power bolts.