Story of Seasons backups take 4 blocks of data. The greater the number of animals friendship hearts, the higher Star Rank of goods they will produce for you. Gunther will take you to your house and build you a craft table, essential for building and editing your home and farm. Unlike your crops, animals will not have dotted indicators. Many of the recipe you might want to make will require plus-quality goods. There is death in this game- and there is a warning regarding this as you start the game.

For the fishing rod and hammer upgraded versions allow you to get better results from fishing or mining as well. Once you rent the field and exit the menu Veronica will explain the fields and show a map on the bottom screen. You should get your house upgraded as soon as possible. She will tell you about farm tours, the multiplayer activity. That’s not to say you can’t give an animal-specific treat to an animal that won’t want it, but in doing so you’ll take a small negative friendship point hit as well as only increasing the Snacks meter by half of what you would of earned if you had simply given a basic Treat. Just keep tossing all the toys in your stack to your pet and you will pull out the next one automatically- much quicker and less annoying than having to go into your inventory or quick-inventory to hold them between every toss. Once planted the crops will grow if you care for them.

I did this because it would have made the tables even larger to not do so, and believe me some of them are pretty huge as it is.

The available personalities are Active, Cowardly, and Level-Headed. You can very well have 2. Hanako seems to always jorse the ‘Level-Headed’ personality, which is about average for friendship raising, but having an ‘Active’ personality cow would be better.

Though you technically only need one cat bell or bone, Cabin Country will stock several each visit. Once you finish tilling, Eda will give you four Turnip seeds to plant.

You received an advertisement from a small town seeking a new farmer- naturally, you decided to apply. The larger dogs will herd more animals at lower friendship levels than the smaller puppy dogs; for example, a larger dog can herd stlry animals flgu 8 friendship hearts while the smaller puppy can herd its maximum 16 animals at 9 friendship hearts.


The first year is supposed to be the ‘easiest’ to win, but honestly you are much more likely to win your second year. She will explain it briefly then give you some options to ask for more detailed information. Anything specific that should be noted about a section will usually be stated right away. I really do love this game, and the series; hopefully I will be able to make more FAQs in the future. Otmar will sell desserts madeleines and soy milk cookies just for this day so if you have some spare cash this will provide a nice friendship boost.

Veronica will introduce you to Gunther, who you may have already met. Your farming life begins! With cooked recipes, you can use normal or plus stiry.

So what personality is the best? Your pets will need to be fed and interacted with to increase their friendship hearts. These treats can be purchased from Cabin Country. On Spring 28 or later you can enter the trade depot to trigger this event which will unlock vendor requests. If you have only a few though you may find it easier and better just to harvest like normal. Just using the Brush once and then walking away may not be enough to clean its coat. The important thing is that you can now exchange items with other players and help fertilize their crops or have others help to fertilize yours.

You can get pet toys to play with your pets- the cat bell for cats and the dog bone for dogs. You can hunt down your distressed animal by looking in the Forest Path or Piedmont areas; you won’t find it hiding in the public field areas or in Oak Tree Town. It does make a huge difference on your income, but there are numerous things that you can easily blow your money on.

The types of dogs and cats available will unlock as you progress through the years in the game, with 16 total cats and dogs available. If you plan on keeping one of your cats or dogs inside your farm house, build the Pet Food Dispenser and place it inside your house.

Some of the information in this guide was discovered through a series of tests and are estimates based on that- this information is subject to change if it is inaccurate or incomplete.


You may want to consider trying some of the ‘secret’ jumping spots found in the appropriate section to get a ‘jump’ start on some nice seeds, free too.

She will send you on your way and give you your G allowance, it will be 10am. Sometimes it is challenging to locate the horse when you’re ready to return to your farm.

Story of Seasons – FAQ/Walkthrough

Apparently you look like a servant. Once you pass her training, Eda will stop by your house to gift you with your first farm animal. The stethoscope will count as the main interaction as well as show seasohs animals’ status screen. Fat pets will be stressed and unhealthy, but you don’t need to walk them that often to keep them fit.

All the barn animals besides the horse can be petted; the horse can be ridden instead.

Story of Seasons FAQ/Walkthrough for 3DS by Laokia – GameFAQs

She will give you an old brush and old milker to take care of Hanako. If foogu do not eat for two days you will not be able to collect products from them until after they eat. Note stoey female characters will still have the birth event if you meet the requirements; you could opt to not get the largest house or to simply pretend you ‘adopted’ if this bothers you.

You can check on your animals’ information in the book inside the barn, coop, and pet house; this status screen stoty show what has been done with the animal that day except going outside and using the bell.

Once you rent the field and exit the menu Veronica will explain the fields and show a map on the bottom screen. Sowing seeds will also have the dotted indicator, and you cannot use equipped seeds anywhere they are not able to be planted, so no worries about accidently wasting any.

In that case you’ll have to get off your horse and walk into the appropriate locations. Higher Star Rank items will sell for figu money.