A baby girl is born on the camp bed. A passionate kiss after all the heartache would have made it perfect for me. Being an awesome captain doesn’t translate into be a great driver on the road. Choi JiWon may be cold and sharp on the outside but she is actually like “daddy long legs”. It must be available if some of you have seen it already. Logged kalisa Penyelam Unggul Keong:

The nearest airport is in Anchorage, but the weather there would make the landing risky. I’m gonna miss the airport and airline. The Captain hears of the situation and checks to see which airport they should make an emergency landing at. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Episode 20 is available via Tudou without subs. Posted March 9, This content has been removed by a moderator. She is excited to hear that she will fly with well-regarded Captain Yoon-sung.

I still have no idea how exactly DJ came to forgive CK. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But from the screen cap of them hugging posted above, I’m not sure if I’ll be waiting for too long.

Choi JiWon lives in guilt until she returns to her duty as the manager of the crew. Sign In Sign Up. Kang Nam Gil Supporting Cast. Such a role made Yoo Sun take the part in Fly Again. She is excited to hear that she will fly with well-regarded Captain Yoon-sung.

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Great work by the PCAP team! Captain Han Gyu-pil then takes a walk with him by the home’s garden. Joo Dong Min Screenwriter: Officialkah go hye sun maen disini?


Seven years later, Han Da-jin is now a pilot. And a great present from Captain.

Wednesdays and Thursdays at Now, Han Da-jin is left alone with her sick younger baby sister. I thought this is like the elevator kiss, and then nothing. Logged esir Chingu Keong: A passionate kiss after all the heartache would have made it perfect for draamacrazy. I really have no words to say Also, I have not kept a drama in several years Views Read Edit View history. Kim Yoon-sung pulls on the yoke toward him and tries to get the airplane leveled. At last PCAP ended, a happy ending dramaacrazy a good rating too jordi, thanks for the rating info.

And thank you to everyone on this thread once again for your wonderful insights, and for supporting, in my opinion, such a fabulous drama!! Episode 20 is available via Tudou without subs.

The daughter of that woman who died after delivering a baby on the plane is Han DaJin who is an assistant-pilot. Captain Kirean believes that Han Da-jin is incapable of becoming a competent pilot, but Han Da-jin thinks otherwise. Your devotion is impressive. Now that I’ve finished watching ep 19 raw, I guess it’ll be ep GYS bakalan jadi pilot However, something korwan all of them in uniform is super hot.



March 10, Capt K was running and hyperventilating. Meanwhile, in the cabin, Da-jin’s pregnant mother asks flight attendant Choi Ji-won Yoo Sunwho is working her first flight, to take her to the restroom.

Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot, Han Da Jin, in her attempts to become a pilot. I’ll still be around to see if any new posts do crop up, but not sure if I’m actually going to post more Thank you to the cast and production team of PCAP for the hard work.

Logged lets watch Shut Up! Though I just might!

Take Care of Us, Captain

It was a nice ending, but not a perfect one for me. Her name is Han DaJin and she is an assistant pilot. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Though I only understood a few things of what the characters actually said, it was a brilliant episode.

Yoon-sung tells Captain Han Gyu-pil that he still can’t understand his decision and that he does not want to fly anymore.