Adarsh, Have forwarded your suggestion to the acads team for implementation. As usual, identify the important questions and revise them regularly. I look after the entire logistics of this center and am also actively involved in teaching. Also, What kind of changes do you expect in the level of questions across all the sections in CAT since there will be 50 questions in each section now. Leave this field empty. Navdeep Singh on October 19, at 3: Please do not compromise o revision, I am okay with a practicing one paper less but not with compromising with revision.

Sir do you expect the level of difficulty of questions coming down with new time per question being reduced to 1. Vikas, you need to do the following: First pocket these marks. This will help us to know how many students are ahead of us in number. Akshay, I Will be writing on this shortly. Please give your valuable feedback and suggestions. Praneet, choose a date based on when you think you will be well prepared.

Pooja, you must score a minimum of Still 4 months are left.

Which Test-Series to choose??

Rahul on August 29, at So, what should be my strategy regarding this? Team CL on August 17, at 9: Sourav, go through the analysis of the previous mocks and analyse the type of mistakes you are making. GP on June 7, at 2: Sir, Is there any way to deal will phrasal verb questions.

Sir, My scores vary between in the mocks and likewise the percentiles too. Harshit, please refer to the CAT study plan. With 10 being fir most fot.

Things you must-do after every mock CAT you take | GP ka Funda, MBA blog for CAT preparation

So can we expect this be now ? In any case the process of normalization takes care of any difference in the degree of difficulty. The 3 traps an RC paper setter lays for you… Reply. I am happy to receive information from universities, media partners and other 3rd party opportunities.


Hi Sir, Your approach is fantastic. I am also highly involved in teaching too. Dear Sir, i wrote to you before regarding this but I have a few more queries. GP on August 15, at 2: Identify the questions that could have been solved with the help of choices and revise them every week.

Sandip Roy on July 31, testfuunda 9: Attempt all data sets that you did not or could not attempt in the stipulated time. Tripti on September 28, at 4: It would be great help if the time taken to solve individual questions were provided as I would have been able to see the areas where I am fast and where I am slow and improve accordingly.

Vikrant, thanks for the idea. I am taking the self- proctored mocks through a subscription to CL. I rely on your advice, please discuss in detail how to attempt this year CAT. I look after the entire logistics of this center and am also actively involved in teaching. GP on June 30, at 1: If doing an online live webinar is seriew possible for the faculty than please upload a youtube video discussing all questions, tricks and right approach about that particular mock.

Things you must-do after every mock CAT you take

Team CL on August 21, at Samapika Draghima on August 7, at 1: Chandra, from now on all yestfunda of concepts should happen through the MCQs only. Hello Sir, i want to ask u tht how shud we prepare for iift gk? GP on July 28, at 6: Thanking you in advance. Team CL on October 21, at 9: Priyanka on August 1, at Suggest you enroll for the correspondence program of CL or any other institute.

Praneet, choose a date based on when you think you will be well prepared. I was and I am upset because due these type of comments my preparation has got disturbed. Login with QS Account. Language Skills, Quantitative skills and Logical Reasoning is tested, while also testing the speed, as questions need to be solved in minutes. Rohit, the Mock analysis should ideally be done immediately after taking the Mock but since the Mock window is for 9 days we can release the solutions and video van be released only when the window closes.


I have also written to support department but they have refused to help and said that the links wont be uploaded back. Cutoffs of XAT allied institutes Reply. By now you must have read and experienced for yourself the importance of mocks for aptitude exams such as the ones you are gearing up for. I want to know, how relevant are the percentiles in those tests to the actual result.

As i am a job doer so if it starts on weekends then it would be best for us. Team CL on October 19, at 8: I have received the solutions for 1st Mock-CAT but the time that I took to solve the questions has not been provided. Hello Sir, I have a couple of questions if you could please guide me. Go through all the grammar questions again and mark for weekly revision the ones you got wrong.

Sir please help me… I m taking CL mocks….

I have heard about Arun Sharma but have not purchased it as I am not too sure 2 given that I have a very tight schedule how should I go about the G.

Arpita on August 9, at 1: I am really in very much stress and panic Please help me and suggest me what to testfumda.