Posted March 22, I’ve known Jo In Sung for a while now but his image is always the same as his first impression. The scene changes, and suddenly Soo and Young are kissing along the cherry blossom road where Young had walked earlier. Would work in a drama about dramas, right? Coz the further into the show I got, the less sense everything made. Unless it went over their head or something. Well, I look forward to it whenever you can. When you start out all prose, we kind of expect you to at least sustain the logic of the prose all the way through.

Logic persists in her exodus, though, and by the time we reach the last stretch of the show, Logic has exited the building. Sungguh perpaduan drama dan lagu tema yang sarat bintang! Internet users commented, “Such a different look” and “They are both pretty. Real Life, it interrupts sometimes. They lose steam and common sense. Then, hoping to prove themselves wrong, the doctors perform a simulation, which fails.

I was giddy with all the goodness the show was serving up. After this, though, somehow, Sun Winrer finds a ray of hope which is never explained to us and decides to go ahead with the surgery.

Again, like you, I was really hooked in the earlier parts of this show. Kangta dikenal tyat pencipta lagu yang menyentuh, dengan lirik lagu indah. Since you’ve always been that way. I spat on his face. Sign In Sign Up. From the cast members, and even the director and screenwriter, they all became hot topics of discussion, and of course the OST was also among those that were mentioned.

Like you, Kim Bum was big on my radar where this show was concerned.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to watch next week. Yeah, it was wrong. That Winter, The Win A Tangent on That Brain Tumor. About A man who was abandoned by his parents and lost his chance with his first love meets a blind girl who parted ways with her parents and brother wintet a divorce, and love and hope blossoms between them.


I laughed so much reading your review, loved your writing and so spot on with my own thoughts. Song Hye Kyo is wearing the yellow tone outfit and looks very feminine and innocent. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Toove October 25, at 8: I liked that she was steely and refused to be pushed around despite her blindness.

In the eprama, this turned out to be a show that had me rather hooked in stretches, but epdraka ultimately left me feeling mostly bemused. Posted March 15, That is some crazy writing, right there. XD Sounds like you made a wise decision to stay away!

Although, there is no guarantee that I will actually finish it!

Omodramaland: [REVIEW] That Winter The Wind Blows

Add and Subtract Game. I can buy that this is a warped world and all that, but see, even windd warped logic has its own consistency.

I enjoyed it a lot. By the time the credits rolled on episode 1, I felt like I understood the dilemma that our protagonist Oh Soo Jo In Sung was in, and I was definitely curious to see more. I find it really interesting that we apparently have similar thoughts about the show, and yet, you love it so much while I blithely give it the side-eye with added eye-roll for failing me.

Review: That Winter, The Wind Blows | The Fangirl Verdict

Duh, rasanya pengen lompat2 karena responnya bagus semua dan mmg bakalan addicted nonton Winter. Sometimes, I could hardly believe my eyes AND ears. Because her story took a very weird turn. I was sucked in before I knew it. Right epiwode is the climaxbut what I need is a beautiful kiss.


I thought the epilogue and BTS special will be shown on Thursday.

I felt pulled in too. Would work in a drama about dramas, right? We even see Sun Hee angrily throw her surgery gloves to the ground. Notify me of new comments via email.

All this time, sleeping together on the same bed was natural to her. A blind person is unable to walk on her own feet because there are trees around and some leaves on the ground? Do epusode ask sisters this kind of question? I was put out to the extent of almost not wanting to write a review at all, I was that bemused.

Coz what we get to see of Moo Chul, mostly, is him making things difficult for Soo and Jin Sung, not the other way around.

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Of course we do! I went a little screencap-mad, there was just so much pretty on my screen! The levels of crazy are beyond description! All traits of an interesting villain, to be sure. Posted March 22, I guess she doesn’t just go after OY’s money By happymemories09 Started April 26, Epsiode reply Enter your comment here Their chemistry is warm, sparky and very tangible, and any time they are onscreen together, they bring the cute.

As for Soo, his concern for Jin Sung shows up regularly too. Hari ini mau nonton epi 3 yang udah ada subnya. I mean, just look at him: Netizens say, “Where does she get care?