But now you must stop blaming yourself, and think of me as a memory. I Love Lee Tae Ri. HGI has no chemistry with any of the male leads. After she leaves, Hwon opens his eyes, not having slept after all. She answers that she only meant to say that she would undertake her duty to the best of her abilities, and that misunderstanding is bound to arise if the reader of the note approaches it with preconceived notions. They can always go with sub titles.

The sleeping under one blanket scene between Park Sun Nyo and Pedro love this couple. Kor files no longer works. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Oh, add in that this fusion sageuk has supernatural elements and set in an alternate world where unless people read the novel people are here to stay to find out what happens in the end. I hope it does, because otherwise I’ll be really unhappy! Flower Boy Band, so I guess they can’t get every drama licensed.

It shows that he understands her enough and cares enough not to immediately say yes.

I mean, she delivers her dialogue fine, she cries when she needs to, she acts like a beautiful and tender lady like she should be. Kim Soo-hyun was the highlight for me.

What I love about it is her realization that whether she likes it or not marriage is an institution that is still considered as a must in their society. I really appreciate your help! Posted by Fixy at 6: Especially if the one you love died, and you couldn’t fulfill that promise.

Thorough, detailed and engaging are your recaps I agree with you, he was on fire in this episode! He called her ‘his wife’ before she was led away. Is there anyway you can help fix this? Although I know it’s not his fault entirely, but boy I surely like to see he’s reaction when he’s found out that he’s missing Yeon Woo once again, but moo time it’s because of him.


XD Kind of weird. Why do you say so?? I love this show but find it a little ridiculous of how both can’t move on from the same girl in nine years. The world would be a better place without them. But other media cooperation change the reality of the original K-drama and make a totally different story and people get a negative idea about certain cultural aspects and Korean language.

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Maybe with English subtitles http: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Soua February eoisode, at That he was pretending to be like that so he did not pose a threat to his little brother, the King. One girl every time she upsets him. He says that there was no person in his room that night, merely an amulet, as a way of dismissing her concerns — See?

Hwon’s case is like the one of your friend; he loved YW and she was prematurely and unfairly snatched away so I can understand Hwon still grieving.

I feel cheated by those who recommended Jumong as the biggest romance of the centuries.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I love Korean dramas mama ilanawa my dramalozd gumiho hari who are you hari dream high hari danma kiyala awa hari lassanai gaming kamathi weyi.


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Because if her husband goes to the palace alone…. One minute he’s a cheeky bastard and the next, a mopey one.

I think another reason for the ratings sweep here is that TPM and TWDR were such stellar sageuks that people are probably in the mood for more. These Channels are destroying the K entertainment!

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August 15th – October 4th. What I find interesting is that Yang Myung keeps asking if Wol recognizes him, as Yeon Woo, when she clearly told him to forget Yeon Htat in his heart and basically did the same as a child.

This shows must really love him to give him better depths than the other characters. Then I will no longer be able to see you.

We still have 1 episode to go before the final judgement could be made. I am thankful to all the encoders. I know it is not going to be a sensual drama, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were able to work in some real and mutual forbidden contact between the OTP in plain sight?

But now you must stop blaming yourself, and think of me dfamaload a memory.