I watched from the first to the last and never missed one. All those confessions you got in this room, illegal or otherwise. Not Strike Team level, but smaller. Did anyone get the feeling that Billings was going to “miraculously” crack Lloyd and get the credit for it? Yes, I understand it was meant to provide more suffering to Vic. When he’s on a weekend golfing in Palm Springs, having a barbeque with some new friends, enjoying the little things in life that freedom lets you enjoy?

The Second Coming Scrubs: That’s the thing with sharks Well, they sort of did with Andre dying, but I wish it had taken it a step further. Antwon Mitchell-ville would have been his worst fate and it’s not even close. Man, of all the weeks to be away from home with minimal writing time. Season 5 Preview Mad Men: And all that would mean something if Vic gave a shit, but he compartmentalizes and shrugs it off.

The breaks were effective in building anticipation and making us look forward to what lay ahead, and even gave viewers a chance to catch their breath.

Yeah, I see from reading the Shawn Ryan interview that he doesn’t see things the way I do either. Is it possible that the series slipped in this “smoking gun” and let the viewers figure it out for ourselves? If he had not taunted Shane with the birthday and tossling his hair imagery, Shane would not have killed them. Alan reviewed various Season episodes for the Newark Star-Ledger and aepinwall a Season 1 rewatch in As a shark and a survivor, no, I think as long as a shark’s alive it can find some place to swim to, I think this is a bad situation for him, and I don’t think he’s gonna enjoy those three years.

On that level, “The Locket” and “Coming Back” was an encouraging start.

I thought that scene was devastating as it becomes clear to Shane that Mara is in no shape to “run” anymore. Mostly because it encapsulated what made the series so compelling: I just started in on the beginning seazon “The Money Train” inside of season 2 and it’s as fresh as the shieod time I saw it. Season 7 TV, That scene was definitely a memorable one, although I can’t call it a highlight.


On the question of whether Vic thr what he deserved? Unbelievably great final episode. I think when Vic sees that gun, he realizes he’s not beaten.

I vaguely seplnwall a scene where he returned that tape to him. That said, based on the very end of the last scene, he’s letting that opportunity slip by. He will not encounter any more serial killers. One minor quibble with the finale was Shane’s scene in the store when he bought the flowers. Ehhh I’m not to sure.

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Or, he violates his immunity deal,and it probably isn’t too hard to do-just having that gun on ICE premises may be enough to do it- so that he intentionally ends up in prison and tries to be the respected seoinwall guy there. So Vic won’t see his family or be a cop ever again. If the show had ended with Vic sitting at the desk defeated, then it would seem like his cubicle life is a fate worse than death and similar to prison.

That it was made in the midst of the writer strike without Shawn Ryan’s direct involvement is a eepinwall to the infrastructure Ryan had in place and the talent he had surrounded himself with.

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It would have been difficult for that character not to flame out. Other satisfying resolutions are possible. The characters wander a spectrum from boring to irritating, and the situation already feels unsustainable by the end of the first episode.

DVD epilogue review Lost: Also, the effort Vic put up in finding Lem’s killer showed he cared about the team as much as his family. Vic’s sentence was appropriate. He’s always been a classic psychopath remember the cat-strangulation? The Vendrell ending was predictable, but beautiful. Losing the k, Shane’s drug use, Mara capping that girl, and her mother not willing to take Jackson.


This was slaughter on a massive scale, orchestrated brilliantly by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton, and the “GoT” creative team made it every bit as impressive as was plotted out by those men and Tywin Lannister.

Damn, it’s hard for me to comment on the episode, while having seen all but the season finale. Walkers are a menace, but people are the real danger to each other now. That there is a past, and there is a future, perhaps better, or worse. The only big case this season are the San Marcos murders, and the only politicians we’ve met are Aceveda and the comptroller. Will each cover a single day? He truly is a sociapath with no remorse and no guilt.

Read More Posted Sep 25, I couldn’t figure out how Vic could stay free with Corrine still out there, but witness protection was genius. So I’m a little late commenting, but I just saw the episode. I think he’d make it back He’s feeling sorry for himself, just like that 90 year old. He’s not as good as he seems to think.

The top five ‘Shield’ episodes

But in 3 months? Vic could spring Ronnie from Jail. The next 20 left me numb. You will be missed. Vic serves 3 years in a cubicle. Writing is fundamental Gilmore Girls: Poor, poor loyal Ronnie.