It’s a good aesthetic goal. And that drains a lot, creating a story that risks being nothing more than clever. Ships from and sold by Booksabillions. Happypants says, the only occasion he does could it be said that the Doctor is allowing himself to be subjected to the rules of this genre, or even period? I much prefer her gift this year of not getting around to sending me anything. By deliberately choosing to enter into the role of Holmes, stereotypical Basil Rathbone deerstalker and hunting cape itself an inaccurate reduction of the Holmes character , and forcing Leela to dress for the occasion as well as Dr. Re-watching it recently, on DVD, in episodic format, it’s much more fun, but the plot still doesn’t add up to much. This forces him to drain the life essences from young women to keep himself alive.

When we move beyond racism to the rest of the story and do not draw the angry “not canon” line we drew for the Toymaker, there is a price that we pay. Audible Download Audio Books. The story has plenty of colorful characters too, while the horror elements are mostly nicely done. Later on in the story, the Doctor is ambushed by Greel and his servants and has a glib comment about how he loves “little surprises. The Television Companion 1st ed. Confused by the police box, Litefoot is astonished by its de-materialisation, a stunt which Jago remarks that even Li H’sen Chang could have appreciated. I mean, yes, the fact that the Doctor lets himself become subject in a way that he isn’t always. If we’re going to declare that history reiterates, at this point we have little choice but to reiterate the message of The War Games.

Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang

And now I finally see why people like Jago and Litefoot so much. Jameson is enjoyable as Leela — out of her skimpies in this one, but still manages to get into soaking wet clothes for a bit. Not sure that I can agree with 2. But, of course, cynicism is what we love Robert Holmes for.

Doctor Who 14×26 The Talons of Weng Chiang (6) – Dailymotion Video

Of course, you could be saying that Chang is just part of the Fu Manchu genre scenery, and therefore it’s perfectly proper that it should be a white man in make-up.


There is a weary familiarity suffusing this album.

No, rather it’s one of those virtues that can, when wielded by the wrong things, quickly turn to an overt evil. I tend to think that it’s very clear that the British are one nation.

watchh We already noted that Leela is a particularly extreme form of the Problem of Susan in that the tension between her subservience to the Doctor and her independence as a character gets played out materially – as a commentary on the nature of social development.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang is racist, yes. The sinophobia is runs rampant throughout the story — with every possible hostile Chinese stereotype being invoked. Enraged by the events, the Peking Homunculus attacks Leela, but the Doctor manages to remove its prime fuse and damage it beyond repair before bringing the Zygma Experiment to a permanent end by destroying the lattice. Its plot was non-existent, it treated the star with utter contempt, and it required us to watch Dodo for extended periods of time.

Unless it has other overt problems, cleverness should constitute a defense. It’s up there with Dennis Potter. Your argument appears to be “The BBC is supposed to serve Scotland, therefore its stereotyped portrayal of Scots is less bad than its stereotypical portrayals of Chinese”: My point is really more that the Scottish in the s simply do not have the sort of “other” status that the Chinese – who were only five seasons ago played as the villains of contemporary geopolitics Day of the Daleks – had.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The chicken pox were a gift from my sister, who wasn’t even one yet. But the rest of the time, Chang is meant to be by turns a villain and then wrng-chiang noble henchman who was manipulated into doing wrong. Talons came less than two years after the jurassic sinophobic romp that was One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing.

This isn’t necessarily true — I don’t think there are any racial caricatures in Fred Armisen’s attempt to impersonate Barack Obama, for example, talkns he does “black up” to play the role. Doctor Who episodes — Of course wqtch issue is a real one.


The nighttime setting and antiquity make for a creepy malevolence, but most of the characters maintain a good humor. Later weng-chhiang in the story, the Doctor is ambushed by Greel and his servants and has a glib comment about how he loves “little surprises. Who talks about “face” any more, or believes in a shame-guilt distinction? Consider that the third episode of the new series – Mark Gatiss’s The Unquiet Dead – is nearly a straight lift of this story, with entire sequences being nothing more than light reskins of this.

Likewise, Syl isn’t a little person, he’s a talking slug. No, that sounds worse. Unfortunately the lead villain, Weng-Chiang, also known by other names, is an over the top stereotype and is rather two wenh-chiang. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

BBC One – Doctor Who, Season 14, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part 1

Oh, in specifics, sure I don’t believe there were ever Yellowface Minstrel Shows but on the whole, yellow and blackface are just ways onlihe expressing racial stereotypes, caricatures of of foreign cultures portrayed by white people to ridicule or mock them.

Robert Holmes agreed that using him once that season was enough.

Would we be offended? I don’t think it o require that premise. Retrieved 13 October This story featured the first Doctor Who work by John Nathan-Turner as series production unit manager.

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