In the film, everyone we meet in the grandmother’s town is a Washingtonian and vice versa, it seems , another unfortunate deviation from the story. A head would be better. Deputy 1 Daniel Cudmore Look at the messthat you’re making. Yes,my son,he was a proudwashingtonian, a good loyal comrade, and he is dearly missed. Yeah,I was just thinking. We used to gather down in his tobacco shop.

If I hadn’t known better, I’d swear this was penned by a fifth-grader. The last 3rd of the episode got kind of cheesy and goofy but this is still a good episode overall. I probably shoulddiscuss it with my wife. Retrieved from ” https: I’ll tell you why. Are we there yet? But I thank the lord she swept offthat mortal coil without any painor suffering. It’s far more than a collection of names,dates,and places.

It’s been around since way beforeI was born. Then they act surprised when the Washingtonians come back like they said they would. I gave it two stars instead of episore just for the unintentional comedy.

Masters of Horror – Season 2, Episode The Washingtonians –

Eat me,you sons of bitches! Richard Chizmar Johnathon Schaech. She said that she sawsomeone outside her window. You May Also Like. An example of this is the raid by the men in black yhe the end of the episode. And where’s the logic?


Looking Back at Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians – Wicked Horror

During there incarceration in the basement the two children develop a special eipsode and try But still, this is a joke, a nasty one but rather funny and gruesomely inventive. Very exclusive club,and they wantto keep it exclusive. I really appreciated the ideas behind this story, and love the fact that it’s told as a pitch-black horror comedy.

When did my princessturn into such a little slob? Thank you very much. George washingtonwas the father of our country. A true blessingto this community. I experienced a double disappointment.

Now,I have beensaving this for just the mostperfect day for just the mostperfect occasion. I’d rather not talk about that on the phone.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was actually intensely creeped, in a “don’t go down into that cellar” kind of way.

Masters of Horror (2005) s02e12 Episode Script

It’s all fairly mild and unimpressive and I would have maaters it at that had it not involved good old George. Good to point and laugh at and that’s about all. Imprint Feb 25 – An American journalist in 19th century Japan is hoping to find the love he left behind.


Maybe you can tell mewhat to make of it. You really think it was written bygeorge washington? Sorry to interruptyour nap.

You saw them and you heardwhathey said. The subsequent attacks of the men in frocks comes almost as an anticlimax to that. It originally aired in North America on November 25, Looks like bone to me.

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I kept waiting for Saul Rubinek to turn out to be on masteers other side, but it ended up he was on the side of the non-cannibals. Valerie on the Stairs Dec 29 – Rob Hanisee is a writer that has a strange apparition. I’m only going to ask you this one time,mr. It was like his ownlittle museum. I knew yourgrandmother very well.