Marla Gibbs Guest star: Phoebe follows Max secretly and finds him with a group of kids planning how to use the ring of suffering to destroy their enemies. So, Phoebe follows Max and busts him sneaking out. Retrieved June 28, Max then starts helping Nora with her project so that he can use it to prove himself. They want to reverse the effects of the BrainMelt so that their parents can end the party but the BrainMelt isn’t fully charged. Nora and Billy remind Max and Phoebe to never take over their projects again. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details.

Barb buys Phoebe’s vase after which Phoebe takes it to return it back to the museum. When the Thundermans meet the Hathaways and Prestons, they befriend each other, but when Phoebe is possessed by the Green Ghoul, they have to work together. To make things worse, he’s already the subject of a cake scandal investigation and Dr. They work quickly to save the guards without using their powers. Back at home, the kids ask Barb to tell them her superhero stories as Electress. Colosso now human records a video of Balfour to the Thunder Twins, telling them to play his game if they dare. Max and Phoebe are unable to defeat a video game villain on a video game developed by Cyrbon James, whose villains are impossible to beat.

Nora forces Phoebe to play laser tag with her; and Billy tuhnderman Max think for him. However, when he tries to stop the girls from stealing the equipment, they beat him up and leave him on the floor.

I, for one, am glad they did. Phoebe is happy that she doesn’t have to deal with Gideon anymore. Wong, her niece Darcy and other neighbors come over to the Thundermans house to form a neighborhood watch group, with Hank as the captain. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from June All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles using small message boxes Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from August So, he blows up a performance at Splatburger and admits that he’s the one who broke Link’s trust.


Phoebe later discovers that Max has been using Billy to steal paintings and other art pieces for him. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat Max arrives at the prom, about to take Phoebe’s powers, and Dark Mayhem arrives as well, waiting for Max to take her powers. Meanwhile, Max gets a safe from Dark Mayhem and forces Eepisode and Nora to help open it with their powers.

A prank war between Max and Phoebe gets out of hand. thundrrman

A Hero Is Born

However, things go awry when they feed her meat. During a mock wedding, Dr.

Retrieved February 6, After missing Chloe’s pre-school graduation, Phoebe and Max realize that they’ve been spending so much time together training for Z-Force and not enough time with their family.

Max reveals to Phoebe that the only reason he is evil is because he does not want to live norn his sister’s shadow and be second best so he would rather be best at being evil. Phoebe uses the exploding coconut to disqualify Galaxia. The visors are wonky, causing Nora’s laser blast to destroy a lot of properties in addition to trapping the twins under a giant pizza sign. After getting a sneak peek of the painting, Max and Phoebe are disappointed. Max nodded and grabbed her hand.

Marla Gibbs Guest star: He goes into the house and the family sees that they made up after he kisses her on the cheek. Phoebe’s Science Medal is taken away and the Thunder Twins are both banned from science fairs for being a disgrace to the science community. You guys are too young to actually fall in love! I love you son. Phoebe wants to win tickets to an MKTO concert.

The Vandal turns out to be Darcy Wong. Wong’s frozen “statue” is mistakenly carried by tunderman dojo class while picking up their pizza.

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Phoebe discovers that Max is the person behind the latest rebellious pranks at school. Colosso reveals that he hacked the shoes to get revenge on Max for taking credit on his remix.


However, when he leaves and she realizes she likes him, she hrro the Hero League’s system to find him and suffers consequences while Max uses Nora and Billy to help him make money for a hoverboard by being a group of ninjas for a birthday party. Billy accidentally lets the skateboard roll towards Phoebe, causing to trip and fall in a big epic fail. So, Max decides to ruin the entire family’s Christmas by episove all the gifts.

Colosso betrays Max and Max’s life is on the elisode. Maddy freaks out and runs away. When things get out of control, Nora admits what she did, helping Hank identify and fix the problem. So, Nora convinces her to set up her station outside Splatburger.

Its an adjustment for all of bkrn trust me. Max mistakes him for the president of the club. So we need three more groomsmen actually. Colosso that he’s impressed by Max because he had the guts to walk out on him.

We do not host, upload or link to any video, films, media file, live streams etc. Season 2 Episode 3 – Max’s Minions Max takes on some freshmen to be his new minions.

Even if you move out, you are under age, and so we cannot allow Alex to stay with you any longer unless legal actions tjunderman taken. After 3 months volunteering with the Earth Corps, Allison chooses to continue her mission and breaks up with Max. Max then hooked his phone up to the computer and sent the video to the computer.

Phoebe and Thunder,an accidentally reveal that Dr. Retrieved July 12, Colosso is the original vampire. While preparing wedding anniversary gifts for their parents, the Thundermans kids realize that they’ve never really seen any wedding photos from their parents.