The brilliance of his silver hair, beauty, and valor attracted each and every person. However, the struggle for supremacy began to collapse due to a tear that opened up within House. Posted on December 4, Updated on February 7, Each boy has a different girlfriend. Duran’s is out and I can’t wait to see what you thought about his story! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies.

And with this we conclude our Baroque adventure!! I wonder what this countdown is for!! The first three names are italicized because those are all their pseudonyms and no one knows who they are. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Toyonaga Toshiyuki Yuu CV: You are cautious as Arlen approachs you with a temporary partnership.

Now, the game opens when a person makes a bet.

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Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. The only one who frequently visited the quiet and detached palace was the First Prince Weiss, who obtained great popularity and power.

The heroine felt sorrow at such a situation, but she was supported by the gentle Weiss and was brought up to be a pure and docile princess. Hi, sorry to bother you, thank you for your reviews! As she was comforted, she confessed everything to Ryuuji.

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Hirakawa Daisuke Mune-kyun level: I realized that Mikado-sensei wrote two short stories for Baroque to celebrate the release of their CDs. Hello Anon thank you for the sweet comments!! However, the current king was amorous to an extent where it was hard to believe he descended from a hero and there were whispers that if there was a woman he was interested in then he would snatch them, be they a noble or a commoner.


Posted on August 20, Updated on August 18, Look at me, be more scared.

She wanted to respond to Ao with feelings of gratitude for always supporting her. Posted on February 7, Updated on December 22, This entry was posted in BaroqueDrama CDs. The reason, which was an open secret not only with the royal and titled nobility but even the common people, was that—.

I love Thanatos night. Then others can either fold to exit out, call to match that bet, or raise to increase the bet.

Each boy has a different girlfriend. It refers to the security cameras that are set up to monitor the seats, tables, hallways, restaurants, and even elevators.

Kimura Ryohei Momochi CV: By the way, unfortunately, this drama is only available on the Japanese DLsite. Unable to understand the true meaning behind those words, eventually Hotaru collapsed from an illness—.

Posted on December 3, Updated on February 7, That this small decision would lead to a dramatic conclusion was unexpected by everyone except for Ao…. Kaji Yuki Richard CV: You are at a loss as to whether you should take that extended hand or not, but—. Posted on May 23, Updated on August 21, Does the main character come back to life or? What awaited you there were days of rude treatment from your family for being a disgrace.


Here we are with another anonymous commission. It is a liquid variant of Rouge et Noir, toynoaga as Second Barrel. First Weiss and now Ao… oh snap, I should really give Touji some love, huh. But seriously, this series is so good when listened to in order. You knocked on the doors to Baroque to erama your loneliness and there you met the male courtesan, Nagumo Hotaru, and the Western doll he was in possession of, named Kosuzu.

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She thought that romance was something far beyond her. I was so looking forward to his Damassu trash too and I tosniyuki Rejet taking scumbag to a whole new level.

Posted on June 24, Updated on August 21, Shimono Hiro Neru CV: The Second Prince, Gretchen, had profound knowledge with the arts and his talent was such that merchants from distant lands would come to visit, desiring his paintings.