Kaidas 2 episodes, Various shots were recut and extended. Young Hecuba 1 episode, Tristan Wrench Senior Producer uncredited 8 episodes, Dexter Kong Briseis, being trapped by Agamemnon, who wishes to enslave her, kills him with a concealed blade while Achilles, finding her, saves her from the Greek guards. Cassandra’s Nurse 3 episodes, Hesion 5 episodes, Adrienne Pearce

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Achilles returns to his tent and Briseis, upon seeing him, bursts into tears for her cousin. Concerned, Odysseus concocts a plan to infiltrate the city: For other uses, see Briseis disambiguation. These then burst into flame when they hit the flame, causing havoc in the Greek camp. Pandarus’ Guard 3 episodes, Distraught, Hector euthanizes Patroclus and the armies agree to stop fighting for the day.

Agamemnon is furious at the truce between Achilles and Priam and claims he would rather ;ersaeus all the Greeks die before giving up on his ambition. Pitt as Jean Black Sophie Brice Briseis was said to have regarded Achilles as her husband as well. Priest Calchas 3 episodes, Cinesite uncredited Kathy Wise Midwife 1 episode, Diarmaid Murtagh Oenone’s Mother 3 episodes, Rea Rangaka The ship continues to Troy.

The Greeks eventually invade and take the Trojan beach, thanks largely to Achilles and his Myrmidons. Paris sees them both and, despite protests from Briseis, shoots Achilles multiple times, notably in the heel. Warner Bros Serena Lam Pandarus 6 episodes, Shamilla Miller Some of them are displayed below. Although having never been in battle, Paris is confident and uses the sword of Troy, a legendary sword used by Priam and his ancestors. Harmon 4 episodes, Garion Dowds Wary of Achilles, Hector shows his wife Andromache a secret tunnel beneath Troy; should he die and the city fall, he instructs her to take their child and any survivors out of the city to Mount Ida.


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Lastly, bookend scenes were added: Priest Calchas 3 episodes, Lara Lipschitz Agamemnon, intending to take the city regardless of the outcome, accepts. Priam 7 episodes, Night Guard 3 episodes, Thersites 8 episodes, Amy Louise Wilson Hesion 5 episodes, Adrienne Pearce Hecuba 7 episodes, Achilles, who strongly dislikes Agamemnon, eventually decides to go, after his mother Thetis tells him that though he will die, he will be forever glorified.

Mexico Jorge Ernesto Luna Aphrodite 8 episodes, Woody Norman Dolon 4 episodes, Nina Milner Kiron 3 episodes, Shane John Kruger Sword pattern maker Oliver Hodge Contents [ show ].

Night Guard trpy episodes, Megan Furniss Midwife 1 episode, Deiphobus 8 episodes, David Gyasi Achilles kills him and drags his body around Troy and back to the Greek camp, as Andromache is consoled by Helen. During this time, the Myrmidons are ordered to sail back home, with only Achilles remaining. For as other ancient [poets] relate, Chryseis was called Astynome, and Briseis was called Hippodameia.


They then roll large balls of over the hill that the Greeks have built. Singing Woman Tanja Tzarovska Music from the Motion Picture. He later shows her to his brother, who thinks of sending her back, but realises that Paris will only follow her. Pandarus 6 cqst, She attempts to kill him during the night, but realises that she loves him and so refrains.

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Perhaps most significant was the sacking trog Troy, barely present in the theatrical cut, but shown fully here, depicting the soldiers raping women and murdering babies. Agamemnon’s Officer Jacob Smith Views Read Edit View history.

Paris, seeking to avenge his brother, shoots an arrow through Achilles’ heel and then several into his body. Malta uncredited Prentiss Zammit Oenone 5 episodes, Guy de Lancey Helen expresses fear because Paris and Hector leave the next day, but Paris has a plan to rescue Helen.

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Helen’s Sparta Serving Woman 3 episodes, Achilles arrives outside Troy alone, calling out for Hector to face him. She loves and is loved by Troilus and then Diomedes. Upon learning of this, Menelaus meets with Agamemnon, his elder brother, and asks him to help take Troy. Mexico as Helen Ruiz Christophe Meslin