Ishaana is disturbed as she also know that Nikhil and Lajjo love each other. Ep 69 Anshuman becomes shocked on learning about Paakhi. She tells him about her studies going on and that she is shaping her life towards positive light. Ayaan requests Paakhi to sing a song. Anshuman decides to tell the truth to Paakhi. Nikhil is missing Lajjo every moment, though he is not accepting that he loves Lajjo. Paakhi becomes furious at Tanya.

Will he come back and answer? Sarah gets Anshuman and brings him to Rohan. Follow me on my social media: By Kalash Music views. Urban Platter Lakadong Turmeric Powder, g https: Will Tanya succeed in completing Paakhi’s task?

Perjuangan para kontestan berbakat dari berbagai daerah kembali memanas demi menunjukkan potensi terbaik dari dirinya. Use the HTML below. Paakhi conceals about her departure from Ayaan. Lavanya tells Girish to sign the divorce papers. Watch ‘Tumhari Paakhi’ to find out! Tanya intends to destroy Paakhi and Ayaan for Anshuman’s sake.

Tumhari Pakhi What makes Anshuman get angry over Pakhi

Will Paakhi be able to prove Tanya’s misdeeds? By Beauty with Sumu views.

She shouts for help and asks him to leave Mrityunjay. Persaingan sengit akan terjadi, di mana dua kontestan dalam satu team harus diversus dalam satu lagu.


Ayaan requests Paakhi to sing a song. Hence, she orders Anshuman to quit smoking. Lavanya pretends to be pregnant, and receives the contract from Vikram’s company. Girish misunderstands that Lavanya is pregnant.

Paakhi meets a lawyer about a deal. Rana tries to reveal the truth about Anshuman to Paakhi, but Tanya stops him from doing the same. Paakhi learns that Ayaan has forged Anshuman’s signature on his report card. Then something happened by which he got the ability to hit the episoed with utmost accuracy and he changed a lot. Tanya learns that Paakhi is not with Anshuman.

By Chennai Channel views. Anshuman becomes shocked on seeing Paakhi in the hotel. Anshuman is reluctant and tells him that he will not go back. He is shocked to see Anshuman infront of him and gets angry. Edit Storyline Circumstances force Anshuman an arrogant businessman to return back to his first wife. Ayaan plays a trick on Tanya and Maaji.

Ayaan was unaware of the fact that Anshuman loves Tanya and not Pakhi.

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Rohan bashes up Anshuman asking him to forget Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi | TellyReviews

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Like us on Facebook – https: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here After Rancho told him that Lajjo loved him and she left him for his happiness, Nikhil is feeling guilty for letting her down and not respecting her feelings for him.

To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Tanya lies to Paakhi about the same. Follow this simple cardio circuit on empty stomach.