Angie August 30, at 5: Perhaps there is an issue obtaining rights for the other seasons. The Girl I Loved has great actors and writers. Really good series though, with phenomenal acting. Thank you for posting…. Not sure I want to watch anymore Turkish shows. Moving on to Interception.

I like him and I do not think he shot Sinan. These Dramas should have happy endings…. I believe Timur shot Sinan because he wanted it all, the bride and her son and he also knew that Sinan would have visiting rights and that he could not live with. I agree in that Derin killed Sinan. I want Sina to get married with the red hair kady with a daughter and Timur to be back with his ex wife and Mine to be in an accident so Hasan can be with Sina. I agree I believe temur may have shot Sinai.

Mera pyaar Meenay – Last Episode (Repeat) Full – Express TV Drama – 18 March 2014

How come she showed up at the wedding. Timur is not nice. I liked mines son; who played this role. Pyasr October 29, at 5: Jhoane Garcia May 11, at 1: I cannot believe they did this to us! He is cunning but uses his wealth to obtain what he can buy.

Mera Pyaar Meenay Episode 98

I think Derin shot Sinan, but Timor may be blamed for it as he did not tell anybody where he went. Toward end I starting dis liking her. Where did Timur go before the wedding. Who walked in at the wedding? Karin September 1, at 6: Marta Albizu Paar 29, at 4: I loved Kurt Seyit and Sura but hated how they were kept from each other.


Kawehi November 12, at 3: I live in the United States and I pyaaar watching Turkish movies and tv dramas. No doubt in my mind Timur did it — I wish they mmera show where Sinan survives and they put Timur in jail forever. Will there be another Season 2. Thanks Christine for your thoughts on this…I wonder if Emine, turkisb is bonkers, shot him…I am only on episode 19 on netlfix where Emine burned the pan in the kitchen and looks out of her mind, and is so evil, it must episodee her who would be willing to hurt Sinan even though his father is terrible there is no doubt.

Why the producers made it with incomplete ending. Will Mine and Timur learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper? Kathleen September 20, at 4: I think the acting by the character playing Emine was award winning, such a difficult role. Was disappointed with the ending and wanted more… Also did not feel the chemistry between Timur and Mine. Did Mine mother except the purposal.

Judy McClellan May 22, at 6: Helen Bennett October 30, at I think Derin killed Sinan or maybe he is not dead? Why the director let him suffered a lot.


Sheridan Robinson May 13, at 9: Despite a ridiculous amount of high drama, ie. His having been there for Mine was turkisg from the goodness and generosity of his heart but his obsession of this young girl right from the 1st time he laid eyes on her. Brown March 19, at And they live happily with their daughter.

The ending was so heart wrenching and disappointing. He tried to follow through with everything he said to Mine…not something alot of young men do. Kanal D Star TV. And he was gone n got hurt.

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Maria January 22, at 5: Filming on location characters plots and acting are all terrific. Both men are demanding but we can count on Timur to always do the right and unselfish thing in the end, at great cost to himself.

It premiered on September 9, and ended on June 18, Erdal and Funda made a cute couple. Do not blame netflix on the shitty ending. Saima January 14, at 2: That person that show up at end was Timur.