Login or Register before you can reply to pandamao. At least I dont see forced expressions on her face! He confronts her about her pretense. TVB dramas in But this song is amazing! Why does both Tavia and Mandy want to do the same thing? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Their relationship developed along the lines of other events in the series, but their chemistry in the last few episodes got me addicted to my rewind button. Notify me of new posts by email. Orthopaedics specialist trainee Hung Mei Suet’s boyfriend. I do not wish to see a cap to reviews of a same series but maybe a different way of presenting. Thus starts their relationship. Yu, a reputable doctor, worked on several projects with Kin and found herself falling in love with him. The Hippocratic Crush Episode 1.

I love the juxaposition of this shot, Yat Hong is at the end of his journey but on the other end, some one is being saved by his heart literally and his act of kindness.

Yat Hong wins a fencing competition with the encouragement of Jing Jing.

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During their date, Yat Kin dropped his lucky medal given to him by Yat Hong. Hopefully the rest of the story can keep it up!! That day during the interview, a ‘sick voice’ was heard from Vincent Wong, but once the discussion topics unfolded, Vincent’s March 17, at 6: Neurosurgery specialist trainee Cheung Yat Kin’s subordinate. My least fave character has to be Mandy.

March 4, at 3: I thought Yat Hong has hippocdatic meā€¦until a few moments ago, I met someone as energetic and cheerful thhe my brother. The romance between Benjamin and Mei Suet was among my favorite parts of the series. Kenneth Ma did a generally good, but periodically bad job as senior trainee Cheung Yat Kin. Zi Yu tearfully breaks down and admit she is very scared.


The drama revolves around a group of housemen joining in as doctors in training in Yan Oi Hospital and their trainers. The generally successful fresh cast. Dad decides he want to performance surgery for his hvb. Not many drama series have been reviewed yet by your people. I agree the ending was really good and that it has some feeling of unknown to it.

February 27, at Have you follow yet? Iris, can you please explain to me where in the series did they encourage premarital babies? You are commenting using your Twitter account. All materials are copyrighted to their rightful owners.


Not everyone in the world needs to get cancer just because the main character is a cancer doctor. Man why is Grace’s character giving all these wrong signals to the guys?! In all fairness, the characters in this series are well-rounded and consistent.

Why does both Tavia and Mandy want to do the same thing? Every little bit helps. He confronts her about the tumor and she is shocked by his knowledge. I know every Reviewer could have a different opinion on the drama series.

Nice of you to drop by XD Hope you like what you find here! Wilson Tsui was excellent in his portrayal of the renowned Dr. Nancy Wu has been in the industry for 9 years and all along, she had a colorful love life.

His acting progressively shines in the series. Yat Kin surprises everyone when he returns to work the very next day as if nothing has happened. Neurosurgery specialist trainee Cheung Yat Kin’s enemy. Her condition is worsening quickly and Dad has to move the surgery up to the next day. The Hippocratic Crush will always have a special place in my heart.


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She calls Yat Kin out at night for a ride, she drives Yat Kin around in order to lull him to sleep. I can sort of understand how she feels and the way she behaves. I really started noticing Mandy Wong ever since her policewoman role in Lives of Omission. Although I can sympathise with Tavia feeling sorry for the victim, it was sad that both could not be saved when the chances were one could have been.

The thoughts gave the series a philosophical edge without sounding too preachy. Definitely one of the best dramas released in Their relationship developed along the lines of other events in the series, but their chemistry in the last few episodes got me addicted to my rewind button. So by the time I finish watching and writing, lots of others have already written. Other than that, I agree with every word you said.

Yat Hong is announced brain dead.

And in spite of all the couples at various stages of their relationships by the end of the show, the ending thankfully did not feel like a mass wedding. March 3, at 7: All the once-housemen are now competent doctors and looking over new housemen.