Fudge Match Season 2 – Episode Cocoadile Tears Season 1 – Episode 1. To Catch A Pester Episode 6. Candibalism Season 1 – Episode Will the three ever resolve the problem? Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers Season 1 – Episode

He is forced to use a spare pair of legs that resemble an ostrich. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. When Fergy wakes up to find his body blown to bits thanks to a freak mishap, Prewitt Profitamole rebuilds him with bionic parts. Only the city-slicker Hudson can save his friends, piloting a rickety cable-car to rescue them, somehow. Buy now on Amazon. But his plan backfires when the Factory dubs him Mr. Ella Forgets to Forget Episode 8.

Viva Piñata Episode 38 – My Sweet Swanana” / “Ella Forgets To Forget

After meeting Beverly Badgesicle, his biggest fan, Hudson tries hard to shake her off, despite her devotion and obsessive behavior. Fergy and Paulie buy land in a retirement place called “Amazing Acres,” but things might be a little cold Legs Season 1 – Episode 5.

Hack Season 3 – Episode Will his winning streak die down, now that a new Horastachio is in town? Arctic Invasion; Episoxe Uncle Hoofy.

Viva Piñata season 2 episode 38

Can Fergy and Franklin prove Paulie wrong, or are Chewnicorns a figment of imagination? Beauty and the Beasts; The Talented Mr. Pester’s Party Season 2 – Episode 2.

,y images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. One of the guests is Hudson’s mentor from his youth, Henderson Horstachio. Can he actually handle it, or will he go to pieces? Franklin and his friends discover a Sour Macaraccoon, who they call “Mongo,” and Franklin decides to tame him.

When Hudson discovers that all of the contestants are his annoying old girlfriends, he presses his friends Fergy, Paulie, and Franklin to join the contest. Soil and Green Season 1 – Episode Follows the adventures of high school student Yugi, who has a magical secret that comes to life when he plays his favorite card game – ‘Duel Monsters.


Cocoadile Tears Season 1 – Episode 1. Ruffians on Strike; Myy It Good. But as the show goes on the egos swell — is there enough room in the spotlight for two showboating Hudsons?

Hudson trains Hack Horstachio to impersonate him and attend undesirable celebrity engagements in his place. Horstachio of a Different Color Season 1 – Episode 6. A new Horstachio comes along, and he enters the Horastachio Competition that Hudson has won four years in a row.

Franklin Fizzlybear becomes friends with a swarm of Buzzlegums whose queen, Beatrice, was mean to them, so Franklin can get more honey.

Rocket to Nowhere, Twingersnapped Season 1 – Episode Can Hudson Horstachio teach him how swananq be a real party animal, or is Fergy doomed to go to a party? Late for their job as judges at a dance contest, the constantly bickering Tina and Teddington end up lost in the Jungle.

Can Franklin, together with the Overground Resistance, end his gnarly reign? Tabloid for Two; All Spun Out. He is forced to use a spare pair of legs that resemble an ostrich.

Crimes of Passion Fruit Season 2 – Episode Franklin becomes an incredible swanna thanks to Les secretly executing the tricksand actually sseet the wand has special powers. The Bonboon sells them land in a new ‘retirement paradise’ called ‘Amazing Acres’.

Fergy wants to enter a dance competition, but can’t because his legs break.

Svetlana Swanana

But when she becomes her normal self just inches from the finish line, she has a decision to make… more less. Unbustable – the unbreakable pinata! The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Paulie and Fergy learn the hard way why you never get in the way of a sleepwalking Elephanilla. Beauty and the Beasts Season 3 – Episode 9. Franklingestion Season 1 – Episode Bringing Up Cluckle Season 3 – Episode 8.


Franklin Can’t Dance Season 1 – Episode Teddington insults a passing Goobaa, which gets its revenge by framing Teddy for vandalism. Fergy schedules a meeting with the fruitiest of fruit bowls, the Big Boss himself. The Abominable Jeli Season 2 – Episode 5.

Svetlana Swanana – Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise Help, Cheats, Tips, and TV Show Guide

Franklin invites his friends up to a family party way up in the mountains, but after dinner, the fizzlybears all hibernate and our friends are stuck in a snowed-in cave. In fact, it isn’t until the pack’s leader is kidnapped by Pester that Hudson finally shows how tough he pinatta can be Sick Day, Lights, Camera, Action!

When Franklin saves Hudson’s life, he’s been hailed as a famous hero, but what happens when the modest Fizzlybear’s fame soon eclipses Hudson’s?

Langston sends Fergy and Paulie to Eddie Eaglair’s episoode boot camp, to get them to party once and for all. Fergy and Franklin try to convince Pauly that Chewnicorns do exist, and in order to do so, they must catch one by planting Gem Trees. But when swanaa guys arrive, they discover that ‘Amazing Acres’ is located in the.

Franklin begins planting buttercups, trying to get honey for himself. Wild Horstachios Season 0 – Episode Ella Forgets to Forget Season 3 – Episode 8. Hibernation Nation Episode 2. Buy now on Amazon.

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.