Evicted Jury member is Jordan. Him and Bobby are the only ones to vote for Godfrey to win! The Wall Street Journal. It is up to you to inform yourself … you would most likely dismiss whatever I say anyhow. Anyway he played the entire season like for the second place and … this is what he got.. Arisa Cox to host first edition of reality show”. Houseguests scramble to pick up the pieces on Sunday’s Big Brother Canada”. Peek Inside the House!

AJ 4 of 6 votes to evict. Hi simon or dwang Can u plz show me where i can watch when zack and pill entered the jury house. Give Sarah credit for convincing him creating that relationship early and I do think Ash would have taken her too. I figured God would beat Ash for sure, but at this point it looks like Sarah is taking the K. With this you also gain access to the last 16 seasons of the show. Sarah deserved the win! I think sarah was better at finessing the open minded portion of the jury than godfrey was.

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Season 1, Episode 18 April 8, Glad Sarah won, and Godfrey got a second prize at least. She handled her self pretty well considering the fact that she was just eliminated.

In the opener, 15 houseguests settle into their new living arrangement and meet each other for the first time. He reminds me of Peter.


Sarah winning is not a surprise, and she is a satisfying winner. Bottom line, in the end it came down to social play, strategy and manipulation which Seasn masterfully pulled off by getting Godfrey to take her.

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Watch the documentary Super High Me. Wow that was so clever.

Season 1, Episode 24 April 22, Zach got cold feet on that plan with the returning HG. I was surprised that his answers to the jury questions were not as good onoine his speeches.

Jordan and Bruno asked sarah questions, but were assigned to ask godfrey questions. Season 1, Episode 11 March 22, Houseguests scramble to pick up watchh pieces on Sunday’s Big Brother Canada”. May 28, 7: Bruno had a chance to make a move, he felt it was too early and chickened out.

Anyhow, Sarah deserves to win by convincing Godfrey that it is better to keep her than go up against Ash. Will is proud to be associated with you, being a fellow member of the Troll Society.

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The Final 3 are locked in the vault where they have to decide on seaon to evict from the Jury house. JP just looked bummed after he got booted. Episode 13 “Cabin Fever ” “. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Had she been voted out instead of Risha the house dynamic would have been completely different. Thanks so much for the heads up Simon, and all the hard work you and Dawg have put in!


The season proved to be a hit for Slice, significantly boosting the network’s ratings and boosting traffic onto the official website. Who’s On The Block? I got some hard evidence… all my evidence is hard! Peter 2 of 2 votes to evict.

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Married at First Sight 6. Season 1, Episode 27 April 29, If Brit had gone home when she should have, Sarah would have followed soon after.

Jury member Topaz Brady, who seeason been betrayed by finalist Jillian MacLaughlin and had a close friendship with the second finalist Gary Levy, intended to cast her vote for Levy to win. Archived from the original on 31 May Godfrey probably realized that bvcan was playing a losing game either way.

Season 1, Episode 10 March 21, I think at this point, Godfrey should have tried to keep Pilar around, because she was the only person I could see him easily winning over. Booo hoop cry me a river. After Dark Big Brother: