Hawaii laws state deadly force is only allowed when a person believes it is the only way to prevent death, serious injury, kidnapping, rape or sodomy. They do not think of themselves as superior to us; they do not look down on us; they do not try to take over all that is around them; they become our friends. Does anyone have any way to bring national attention to this? That means his own friend believes he is not in control of his own person enough to make the correct decision. Also the KKK has nothing to due with racism in Hawaii. I thought you had hit an all time low calling me a fascist when you didnt know what fascist meant, but this….. Witnesses in court, to include Deedys friends testified that he had at least 5 beers. I know of a potential juror who was excused by the defense bc of her hx working with criminals.

There was also speculation about the circumstances leading up to the shooting. Did you write in haste, or are you just not an effective writer? It appears that Deedy started the confrontation by approaching Elderts table. When we approached, they first ignored us. White people from the continental U. Obviously, based on the comments I read on various posting sites, there are many who disagree and feel that it is much better for a law enforcement officer to just walk away from a problem and leave weaker persons to the abuse of bullies, to mind his or her own business. Two Marines tesitified that Deedy had said this. Sandy Posted on July 17, at 7:

We generally like the government and its employees, never feeling any animosity towards any of them unlike some in the mainland. It should regardless of what it looks like from elders or Wwtch be seen as innocent until proven guilty. In fact, no one I know ever thought of this trial as a white guy vs local guy controversy.

You just need to chill out. It is hard to argue with someone like you as your argument is so immensely illogical that I dont even know where to begin.


You would never stand a chance in this real world promoting your hatred on others. Deedy must have experienced that tragic evening. This comment should be shown in court to prove how, when confronted with something their brains cannot comprehend, the immediate reaction is violence. According to a transcript of the November grand jury proceedings, Honolulu Detective Theodore Coons testified Eldert’s friend Shane Medeiros told him about the exchange that Perrine was “a little put off by his comment and then he said something to the effect that, you know, I’m trrial too, I live livf too.

He liked to pick fights with haoles and was a trouble maker. Additionally, in all of the years I have been around courtrooms, I have never seen a judge wait days to charge a jury, let them deliberate a few hours, then give them a three day weekend, during which time they could read the papers, watch the tv coverage, and be influenced by friends, family, and media, if they had not been already.

Yes it really seems like you dont care at all. Does anyone have any way to bring national attention to this? Hart’s characterization of the incident says Deedy was trying to prevent a physical attack.

This sets a dangerous precedent. Deedyfundraiser Categories: Deedy made some bad decisions while under the influence of alcohol.

To the Elderts ohana; aloha nui loa to all of you. Stop standing up for the thugs. You seem to be deeddy for watcg to try and absolve that word as hurtful and you are wrong to do so. The testimony of the bar tender and the physician and nurse who treated him at Queens stated that he was not impaired.

If Deedy is not found guilty then we have no justice system here in Hawaii.

Thankfully your bachelors in arts and crafts doesnt lend you to knowing much about liive does it? Is that what happened Chris? James Cook first stepped foot on the Sandwich Isles.


Racism in Hawaii – How it Could Affect Chris Deedy’s Trial –

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday on the media’s request for the judge to reconsider the sealing. This feeling for some people is quite unsettling. To carry your service weapon while bar hopping and consuming alcohol is irresponsible and may also be against guidelines. Okamura, on the other hand, was a little more blunt with his assessment of the case. For the record, I grew up in the same town as Elderts and would see him around.

Luckily the other waatch to leave; I guess he got unnerved when he realized everyone at the courts were watching and were ready to come to our aid. It described anyone of ANY ethnicity who acted in such a way that violated the Spirit of life. I actually lold at my computer screen. He was drinking beer but not drunk!

So if ddeedy makes you feel better about being bullied by blogging your desdy hatred against a deadman, then continue.

Deedy like Zimmerman should have minded his own business. Cause you and I both know that in the end, one on one with no guns you lose. But I believe he got drunk and irrational that night, and it cost someone his life.

The Honolulu prosecuting attorney’s office will oppose the move, spokesman Dave Koga said. He walked away alive.

Deedy could be taken to trial a 3rd time

Both men were bullys, unfortunately, one of them trila now dead. It is almost like I am speaking to Elderts himself. Maybe if you are so capable you should be on the prosecution?

Hawaii is, after all, a melting pot with many varied cultures and ethnicities.