Replace fish meal with mealworms. Would you lock yourself in a box of smog—for science? Flying machines designed before the Wright brothers came onto the scene are built and tested. Included in the mix was a pedal-powered ancestor to the helicopter, patented a decade before the Wright Brothers first conquered the skies. The Re-Inventors unearth the old patents for a bulletproof enclosure and a dual-purpose helmet shield, and dig up period materials from the early s to rebuild and test them both. We’ve seen the future of meat, and it’s plants. But given the chance, could it have saved the lives of countless Allied soldiers?

Providing Support for PBS. But did it work? Join Re-Inventors Matt and Jeremy as they get medieval and recreate their own full-scale battering ram. If you could teleport inside a polluted box to save lives, would you? Snow Annihilator Full Episode S 2: Join Katie as she visits a state-of-the-art oyster nursery and learns how to slurp oysters.

Try escaping via the Davis Life Pod. Will they figure out where the original inventors went wrong or will the Panjandrum crash and burn?

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Matt and Jeremy are dead-set on finding out. ReInventors What if clean energy was as easy as pressing ‘print’? How bug ranching can fix the food system. Roman Crane Full Episode S 2: The Re-Inventors launch an investigation to find out. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3.


Inventions to help people escape from burning buildings are examined. Fighting mosquitoes with frickin’ laser beams. Season 1 Episode Guide. Preview 30s checkmark Add to Watchlist. What would you do?

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But did it work? Matt and Jeremy are on a mission to rewrite transportation history, or crash and burn trying. This legendary standoff between the bushranger and the law brought the world its first bulletproof uniform. Using period materials and methods, they investigate the amount of manpower necessary to create these wathc machines and examine the science behind them more less.

reeinventors Favorite Add to Favorites. Snow Annihilator Full Episode S 2: Scientists at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory are batting mosquitoes with PBS Digital Studios brings you original web series exploring science, music, arts, culture, and beyond. Its success or failure will come down to the 3 S’s: Meet the Climate Game Changer.


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Inventions for removing sewage and waste are explored. Body Armor Full Episode S 2: The Re-Inventors 3 Seasons TV-G A series on unusual inventions and the people who created them also constructs inventions from old patents.

Reconstructing the ornamental detector was the easy part. You’ve just tried to select this program as one of your favorites. Add to Watchlist Added. But given the chance, could it have saved the lives of countless Allied soldiers? You’ve just tried to add this video to your Watchlist so you can watch it later.

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Firefighting Full Episode S 1: