Notify user via Email. Now take my shirt and cover my father’s face with it, so that he may regain his lost sight. As soon as they were far enough from home, they began to plot about how to dispose of Prophet Yusuf AS. Prophet Yusuf AS was extremely happy to see his younger brother and invited all of them to dine with him. By Islamic Videos on Aug 31st, He also asked them to bring their other brother the next time as proof that they were speaking the truth about their family. The brothers were amazed to hear their secret from the Aziz, who now spoke in the language of the people of Kanaan.

The belief in the presence of Allah makes a man’s troubles easier for him to bear, and as long as he keeps himself away from sins despite temptations, he will ultimately be successful. Then, they came across a dry well. Some things we may learn from his life are:. With reluctance, their father agreed to let them take him with them. He provided them with enough wheat for their needs and had their money put back in their bags secretly. By tauqeer attari on Sep 26th,

He provided them with enough wheat for their needs and had their money put back in their bags secretly. The 45 episodes of the series are replete epsode themes on filial love, personal journey through life within family and on one’s ownpersonal character, submission, prayer, prophethood, idolatry, monotheism, loyalty, betrayal, carnal desires, nature of various kinds of love, separation, abandonment, slavery, social organizations at various levels, nature of political authority, governance, strategy, various ideologies and their implications episodw, anticipation, and finally, forgiveness and salvation.

Yusuf Opening By MostafaZamani0 on Oct 24th, the opening of the serial yousuf the prophet or hz. They removed Prophet Yusuf’s AS shirt, and threw him into the well.


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You are still making the same old error. On seeing her husband, Zuleikha tried to blame Yusuf AS by claiming that he had tried to lay a hand on her. They did not know him.

Prophet Yusuf AS interpreted the dream by the power given to him by Allah.

By Islamic Videos on Jul 18th, On the same day that Prophet Yusuf AS was put into prison, two other men were also imprisoned. The Holy Qur’an describes the incident in the following words: Patience in the face of hardship is the best of qualities and results in reward from Allah in this life and the ykusuf. All All 0 Dislike 0.

He also bore the shame of being sold as a slave patiently. It is important to act in such a manner as to preserve your honour and dignity, and these qualities must always be safeguarded. However, they could not go back without Binyameen, so they tried to convince their father to let him come with them. He also asked them to bring their other brother the next time as proof that they were speaking the truth about their family. The story in the series starts in the south of Babylon, in the second millennium BC, depicting Ya’qub’s battle against idolatry of Ishtar in Mesopotamia and the miraculous birth of Yusuf.

Prophet Ya’qub AS lived in Egypt for 17 years and died at the age of She called forty of them to the palace for a meal.

When they reached Egypt, the brothers proceeded to the court of Prophet Yusuf AS and presented their brother Binyameen to him. Prophet Ya’qub AS realised that the dream outlined his son’s destiny and greatness and cautioned him not to tell his brothers about the dream.


At the slave market the buyers were all attracted by him, because he was a very handsome young man.

By Jordan Hines jousuf Jun 27th, The reason he gave was that people would forget the actions of his wife while Prophet Yusuf AS lay in prison, and her dignity would be restored.

Unfortunately, the wine-server forgot all that Prophet Yusuf AS had told him to convey to the king.

Title : Prophet Yousuf – Episode 21

You may detain any of us, but not Binyameen. Yusuf’s brothers came to him and when they entered his court, he recognised them.

As you can see, I give each of you a certain amount of grain, I am a polite host. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google.

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eisode He decided to make a brief tour of Egypt to assess the best locations where intensive cultivation could be carried out. According to their father’s instructions, the brothers came to the Aziz of Egypt for the third time, and pleaded for the release of Binyameen as well as some grain for food.

Background music of movie Prophet Yusuf A. You may go to the Aziz of Egypt whose reputation as a kind and just person has spread everywhere in the country. One who is pious and patient against hardships is always rewarded by Allah for his virtues. Zuleikha, however, was so taken by Prophet Yusuf’s AS beauty that she sought to have an illegal association with him.