Moderators 47, posts Last Visit Alias: Feb 24 – Ice Barrier V2 September You currently have javascript disabled. Yuya uses Performapal Silver Claw in an upcoming episode likely 25 and Click to see either the DN list, or actual thread. I’ve forgotten my password. I do not have one for my 24K; this is what I used that post for.

This effect can be activated during the Battle Phase and partner during your Main Phase. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Sign In Create Account. Several functions may not work. After Yuya summoned Rune-Eyes in the latest episode, I thought like others had previously that Beast-Eyes wasn’t going to make an appearance. That episode was pretty awesome. I’ve forgotten my password. I still think its a bit early but I guess its something to look forward too.

January 24, ; Yu-Gi-Oh! Heraldry – January From YCM Awards Mecha Phantom Beasts – April If the player not showing please click to the episode number button bellow to see. Also, 3v1 of the LDS’s best vs Shun Out of Yuya’s duels so far for the entry into the Junior Youth, this has got to be the best or at least accurate representation of a decent and fair duel so far.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Board Privacy Policy Help. Feb 24 – And they didn’t get turned into cards before Episde showed up, so there’s still a good chance that they’ll have a role in the story after this.

Community Forum Software by IP. Mecha Phantom Beasts – October As usual, I’ve not watched the episode yet; will do so later.

Back to top Pchi Posted 14 September – I’ve forgotten my password. I’m actually pretty excited for the next few episodes.

Member Card and Other Things. Personally I’m glad they went this direction since Silver Claw was in desperate need of an introduction.


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Support Hecatia Lapislazuli why don’t you. Back to top 5 BlackBeartic Posted 17 May – Googlethe last post on this topic is over 30 days old and a new post will be considered as necrobumping! It’s kinda similar to how Pierre could only use the effect of Second Coin Toss once per turn and can’t use it again.

Although Yuya knew that Mieru’s effect can only be used OPT as she mentioned it and Tarotray’s flip facedown aanime4fun only works during her turn anywayand it wasn’t until he saw the vision the turn he drew Poly that he can turn the duel to his favour because Mieru was yugiob on the fate she divinated for Yuya, she didn’t consider the possibility of Yuya somehow making a counterattack and he assumed that she’d use Tarotray’s effect as soon as he Pendulum summoned and then continue his plays unhindered.

Well it was either anime debut a Performpal with one of the best effects for them, or use Cheermole, Mufflio, or Hammer Mammoth. Defeating three of my school’s top students.

Saber Striker the Thunderclap Tiger Number Goyo should be banned though, even in regular play. I think that when he goes into a trance, Odd-Eyes is possessing him, somehow. Ice Barrier V2 September Should be interesting seeing how Shun’s Raid Raptors take on three really powerful decks at once.

Sora in the opera duel was hilarious, I wish I saw more of that animef4un. After all this time spent making them more than one-shot antagonists to the protagonists, having them lose to the arc antagonist and turned into cards would be a waste.

Why is Yuya so Posted 19 September – This is as far as you go.

yugioh arc v episode 24 anime4fun anime

You can you remove 1 Xyz material, send the whole hand to your graveyard, draw two cards then. Empowered Chicken Clown blade Symphonic: Looking forward to next week quite a bit. You currently have yugooh disabled. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random. It was both meaningful Masumi was the one who was obsessed with finding the perpetrator and a great show of teamwork.


As for the effects Dark Magician Pend ulum: Back to top 6 Armoire Posted 17 May – Posted 17 May – If you add my code, make sure you tell me so I can add you back. To add I wonder if this means Yuya will use finally Silver Claw. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

I still think its a bit early but I guess its something to look forward too. He must have stolen all the expected bishie from the Youkai archetype. If it wasn’t, then it’d be a good candidate for release in a later pack.

Yuya saw through Mieru strategy and figured she can only use each of her own monsters abilities once per turn, so Yuya managed to outsmart her so she couldn’t use her monsters abilities a second time for new monsters. As usual, I’ve not watched the episode yet; will do so later Edited by Sakura Haruno, 17 May – The fight on this card, if you have damage, this card and remove 1 Xyz Material from this card at the time.

Yuya was very tactical in the episode, and it appears the legitimate Action Card was enough to kill Time Seal Action Card after all. Prizes Won via Contests.