He will be set to take on Hoenn Gym Leaders in the Hoenn region! After hearing the legend, Qrow sets out to find the Monster that lurks in the woods of snow, but what he finds, is far from what he expected. Chojiro’s tournament kicks off with a three-way Action Duel between himself, Sylvio, and Yuya. Wrath Of A Knight by Skyguy reviews Some say that heroism is just another word for horror, and maybe a worse one. But which will he be? But can light truly exist without darkness. Didn’t I tell you? Will they succeed in defeating this evil,uncover the mastermind behind this invasion,and even find love in this strange world?

In a lot of ways it’s the same as the original to start, but due to the presence of the OC the story obviously alters a bit. Celebrated 2 Years of Writing This Story! Or will the light shine forever? They soon learn that Zuzu and Yugo have been spotted nearby and decide to go in search for them. Sorry for the wait! But a new threat emerges from the afterlife A Dimension’s Savior by ClockBox97 reviews Arc V fic with my OC in it interacting with various characters as he has been transported to their world by a mysterious dragon card that appeared to him one day as he arrived home from school. Get ready to meet the new white ranger and watch him fight to save the world.

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Not only that, but isn’t the Tournament coming soon? Can light burn tycpon without casting even greater shadows? These new features were positively received by viewers and were used in all future anime series based off of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Now, armed ezxal new allies, he and his friends must once again put it all out on the line to save the world. Joey Wheeler’s Creepy Chin is a series of edited images of character Joey Wheeler with a facial expression with a creepy smile and pointy chin. Roget further alters the course to prevent Yugo from obtaining an Action Card. The clashing of their beliefs urges Chojiro to challenge Yuya to a duel.


List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V episodes (season 2) – Wikipedia

Maybe someone can change that Put on a Bus: A new spider has joined the Universal Spider Clan, one who holds the potential to be greater than any other. T – English – Adventure – Chapters: Inmates use duel cards as currency to get preferential treatment. Noca has beaten Tenura and now he attempts to return to his normal life. And this time, it’s not pulling back any punches.

The first issue of the original Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sergey is satisfied with his duel and allows himself to fall off the track. Or is all of this for nothing?

As each of the duelists reflect on the day’s events, Declan is given an audience with Jack, who expresses an interest in seeing Riley’s eyes. Yuya returns to his senses even though Crow loses the duel in the process. Blame and curse the world?

What kind of trouble could happen? I get dragged from my world and am forced to fight an incredible enemy with the fate of the world in the balance. Maybe some fluff, too. And one day, I’ll find who killed my mother and brother. The Darkus Duelist of Maiami by tigerkim reviews You ever thought that something amazing will happen? Yugikh by AstraKnightZeta reviews If a god granted you the life you desired, are you willing to face the consequences that came with it?

How did her own soul whisper to him? Yuya is a boy seeking to become the greatest entertainer in Action Duels who brings forth a new summoning method to Duel Monsters known as Pendulum Summoning.

Naruto the Duelist without memory by Dragonlord99 reviews The Sakaki anije met a child who lost his memory taking him in he lived a new 633 filled with friends and family that replaced his lost memories, however, what will he do when his past catches up to him? Join Raiden as he battles agains the Vexos in New Vestroia.


Then we have Jack and Gongenzaka in Episode Realistic OCxBlake, set 6 years before Vol 1.

Sometimes they’re the ones you can’t touch or even expect. He now attends Beacon and saw her again. He has been recruited to fight the Space Empire Zangyack and help the space pirates in their quest for the greatest treasure in the universe.

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Legacy by Skyguy reviews Six teenagers with attitude are summoned by Gosei, a yugiooh guardian and apprentice to the legendary Zordon. Now he must join up with Team Q4 and co. Knowing the Flash is the resident hero he knows it will be a tough time to get what he wants.

And can these new rangers that show up from different dimensions be trusted?

One uses the Naturia archetype, an archetype of Plant-Type monsters. The Dark Child of the Moon by Himewolf reviews Aedan Fenrir is a nineteen-year-old boy who was born half-human and half-beowolf.

Will he make it through the challenges that await him? The Last of the Fifth by Galaxylord reviews What if there was a fifth dimension? The initial strike team that Reiji selected due to their proven skills in past tournaments and matches. On hold due to Summer story. Your prowess with your weapon was so great. Rated T for blood, language, alcohol reference, and epic. Petty Affections by Legendary reviews A certain white-haired heiress has fallen tycooh a certain boy ever since their fight. Gong uses a Superheavy Samurai deck with no Spell or Trap cards at all, and many of his monster effects can only be activated when he has no Spells or Traps in his Episods.