Suchita married to Nigam patel on 22nd September at the age of Meanwhile, Rohit has brought a pair of ear-rings and nailpolish for Gayatri! Years later, when the ex-lovers meet again, love rekindles and they start seeing each other. Sailaab – Episode 15 – Full Episode. Vijay, like all brothers, is keen to see Shivani settled with a person who is financially sound and the idealisitic writer in pursuit of an elusive dream doesn’t inspire much confidence! Member feedback about Aditya Pancholi: Title song of the show is “Dhadkano mein hasraton ka ek sailaab hai. Episode 1 Rohit Kumar Sachin Khedekar meets Shivani Renuka Shahane in a department store after a gap of five years andthough flooded by memories, he makes polite enquiries about her and her husband Avinash Ajinkya Deo , a doctor working in a Government hospital doing research on asthma in children.

In fact, neither did Rohit know he was going to meet her! She feels life has been very generous to her and perhaps given her more than she could gather but now she wants to repay her debts. And Manoj s Abhiram visit to Shivani s palatial home the next day almost confirms Vicky s grim theory! Rohit rationalizes the general recognition of his talent even by his harshest critics as one of humility. Soon thereafter Gayatri calls Rohit and asks who on earth was he speaking to for so long and he deliberately lies! Thereafter Ashish Ninad Kamath holds centrestage with his gluttonous appetite that is partially satisfied by Pinky Suchita Trivedi!

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She learnt dance while working under film choreographer B. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A hurt Rohit promises to hunt her down neverthless! Mera jeevan mera kar, bas itna nyay kar He recounts how he fell in love with her on seing her snap but was told that Vijay was a staunch believer in caste system and hence he should abandon all plans of marrying her!

Member feedback about Saroj Khan: She wafch been nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress a record fourteen times, and along with Raakhee is the most nominated actress in the acting categories, with 16 nominations.

She started her career as a child artist at the age of three with the film Nazarana as child Shyama,[1] and a background dancer in the late s. After Gayatri manages to send Ashish back home following a call from Badi Ma Shammi and that too on an empty stomach!


As Avinash has to attend a party in honour of Dr. Rohit tells him that he wasn t mentally prepared for such humiliation and leaves for Shivani s home to play chess with Vijay and Aakash. He jokes to Rohit that this arrangement can continue forever if he gets an understanding wife!

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Member feedback about Bappi Lahiri: As is Seema s wont, she promptly informs Shivani over the phone as well as Vijay over dinner. Sailaab – Episode 20 – Full Episode. Rohit encounters his first major setback when the publisher Amrit Patel rejects his novel on the grounds that it is far too realistic to appeal to readers!

Like Avinash, Girish is also a doctor and has been posted to the same hospital where Avinash is attached. It is a traumatic morning for Vijay and Aakash however, as both of them nurse massive tc

Aditya Pancholi born Nirmal Pancholi, is an Indian film actor, producer and playback singer who appears in Bollywood films. Rohit, lost in thought, asks Gayatri why does a man run after a mirage and she replies that only deeply unhappy sai,aab do so!

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Member feedback about Ninad Kamat: Incidentally, even Gayatri s parents are as concerned as Vijay is about Shivani about the stork s impending visit! He is about to be subjected to a gruelling interview by Badi Ma when Gayatri comes to his rescue.

As Shivani and Gayatri gossip, Shivani feels convinced that she is unlikely to ever fall in love and yet keeps talking about Rohit! But to Gayatri s credit, she stood zeee Rohit when he was in a most vulnerable phase having just lost his father and still in a fluid stage as far as his career is concerned. Shivani s hostile attitude towards Rohit has thawed ever since he returned Vicky s chain. Ssrial, when Rohit remarks that she was never keen on working she reveals that it is on Avinash s insistence!

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He tries sailaag call out to Vicky when he finds that Vicky has dropped his gold chain while starting his mobile. Reflecting on the irony of his prediction, Shivani leaves. One of the most popular and highest-paid Hindi film actresses in the late s and s,[2] she has been praised by critics for her acting and dancing sdrial. Shivani also denies any involvement to Vicky and Nilu!


Yet, once he leaves Vicky tells Nilu that Rohit is planning to leave Mumbai as he wants to distance himself from Shivani. Ajay also vt Rohit that the fragrance of his love for Shivani has spread far and wide! Vicky is cross with Shivani for advertising her feelings for Rohit at his party and warns her that people aren t blind!

Sailaab: A realistic tale of love and broken relationships

Rohit, is an aspiring novelist and writer who soon dicovers how cruel this city of dreams can be. Member feedback about Suchita Trivedi: Girish advises him to emulate Shivani and hide his grief for Gayatri s sake. And when Shivani and Avinash drop in at Vijay s home for dinner, Vijay quite matter-of-factly asks Avinash about the D-day as they are looking forward to-the arrival of Serail s first born!

Shivani reminds him that what remains of seroal 5 year long relationship can be compared to a cinder and to allow that to sparkle would spell disaster for their respective spouses! Varsha is the main protagonist, with her husband Tarun. Rohit tie the knot aee court with Gayatri on the rebound almost. Member feedback about Mahesh Thakur: Shivani, who nurses a soft corner for Rohit confesses to stealing one of his poems and assures him that he writes very well!

Nirmala Saulaab, popularly known as Saroj Khan born 22 November is one of the most prominent Indian dance choreographers in Hindi cinema. Shammi remained a sought-after with filmmakers when it came to goofy and comic roles,[5] especially in the period — and later from —